Besides a nationwide rail strike, today saw large-scale industrial action that has shut down transportation across the capital.

London Underground workers staged a 24-hour walkout, with all Underground lines completely or partially suspended.

People have been advised to avoid travel if possible until mid-morning on Wednesday.

The only transportation options unaffected are buses, DLR services and trams, although all are forecast to be busier than usual.

The Elizabeth Line is operating with severe delays, while the London Overground is reducing service until 18:30, with about half of the scheduled trains running.

This is the fourth pipe strike of 2022 so far.

The RMT union said the dispute, which led to both a subway strike today and a rail strike across the country this week, was caused by job cuts, wage freezes and working conditions.

“RMT supports the campaign to get the right deal for all working people in the face of the cost of living crisis and our current campaign is part of that broader campaign. This means that public services must be properly funded and all workers are paid decent wages with good conditions,” it said in a statement.


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Helen CoffeyJune 21, 2022 09:33


All lines are suspended or partially suspended

All lines are completely or partially suspended during today’s Underground strike, with no trains running on eight London Underground lines:

  • Bakerloo
  • Victoria
  • Piccadilly
  • Metropolitan
  • Jubilee
  • Blacksmith & City
  • Circle
  • Waterloo & City

Central, North and County lines are partially suspended – no trains run through central London, but they are offering some sporadic service in the Outer Regions.

Helen CoffeyJune 21, 2022 09:43


The disruption will continue through Wednesday morning

Today’s Tube strike will likely continue to affect travel in the capital on Wednesday.

TfL has said no Underground service in London will operate until after 8am on June 22 and has strongly advised people to avoid travel until mid-morning.

TfL advice states: “Avoid making Metro trips until mid-morning – disruption is likely to continue.

“Reduced service on London Underground and Elizabeth line until mid-morning.”

Helen CoffeyJune 21, 2022 10:07


Londoners told to ‘avoid travelling’

The official TfL advice is as follows:

“On Tuesday, June 21, avoid traveling if you can. If you have a need to travel, please complete your itinerary before 6pm.

“On Wednesday, June 22, avoid taking the Metro before mid-morning.”

However, if you have an essential journey, there are several options available: bus, DLR and Tram services will operate normally (although much busier); London Overground is reducing service until 18:30; the Elizabeth line is running with serious delays; and walking, cycling, electric scooters and taxis all provide alternatives.

Read our complete guide on how to move during the warning period:

Helen CoffeyJune 21, 2022 10:42


Elizabeth line is working with severe delay

The Elizabeth line is running between Paddington and Liverpool Street but is subject to severe delays.

A reduced line is operating between Paddington and Reading/Heathrow Airport and between Liverpool Street and Shenfield due to strike action today.

Helen CoffeyJune 21, 2022 11:04


Why are Tube workers on strike?

Today’s metro strike is linked to larger industrial action taking place on Britain’s rail network, with the dispute centered around working conditions, wage freezes and the erosion of profits. useful.

In a statement, the union RMT claimed that, “as a result of austerity in transport” led by the Conservative government “cut £4 billion in funding from National Railways and Transport”. load for London”, the train companies made the decision:

  • Attacks on the Railroad Retirement Scheme and the TfL Scheme, diluting benefits, making employees work longer and making them poorer in retirement, while paying out increasing contributions.
  • Cut thousands of jobs across the rail network while not guaranteeing no mandatory redundancies.
  • Cut safety checks on infrastructure by 50% to facilitate mass redundancy.
  • Attacking terms, conditions and working practices in the form of internal layoffs and re-hire, including lowering existing wages and increasing workweeks.
  • Restarting disputes over guardian roles and responsibilities and mass cuts to food services.
  • Close all UK box office regardless of passenger diversity access needs
  • Food cuts for most of our members through a pay freeze are prolonged and are far below the RPI inflation pay proposals.

The union said: “Faced with a strong agenda of cutting jobs, conditions, wages and pensions, the RMT has no choice but to give our members a fair shot. industrial way to stop this race to the bottom.”

Helen CoffeyJune 21, 2022 11:34


Rent cycle increased by 46%

As Londoners try to get around the capital during today’s Underground strike, use of e-bikes is skyrocketing.

  • Tube sees 80,000 in/out, down 95% last Tuesday
  • There have been 1.42 million journeys made on London buses, up 7% from last week
  • Santander Cycle rental has increased by 46% compared to yesterday

Helen CoffeyJune 21, 2022 12:01


Are Eurostar trains affected by UK rail strikes?

Due to industrial activity, Eurostar said it is implementing a shortened timetable between June 21 and 25.

If you have a ticket for a ride on June 22 or 24 and your train is not listed as canceled or stopped, that means it was scheduled to run as normal. Some trains will depart later than usual and others will run on strike days.

If you want to postpone your journey to avoid having to travel during the strike period, you can redeem your booking for free to travel at a different date/time.

Read our full guide to canceled Eurostar services here:

Helen CoffeyJune 21, 2022 12:23


What days and times will the Tube network be interrupted?

In a statement about the strikes, TfL said: “TfL and national rail services will be affected by the strikes from Tuesday 21 to 26 June.”

This not only takes into account walking out of the London Underground (from midnight June 21 to midnight June 22), but also wider disruption due to rail strikes across the UK. England when 40,000 railway workers engaged in industrial activity on June 21, 23 and 25.

This means that most itineraries on Tuesday, June 21 on the TfL network will be limited, but also include TfL support for the remaining six days of the week, when RMT staff may suspend labour.

Read our complete guide to strike dates and times:

Lucy ThackrayJune 21, 2022 12:53


RMT leader said: A fully funded London Underground is ‘important for the city and important for the environment’

RMT Union leader Mick Lynch spoke out about London mayor Sadiq Khan joining the train strikes today, saying: “I think he’s sympathetic to workers, I don’t think he wants to. diluting the system, I don’t think he wants to. to instinctively attack our workers”.

Talk to Evening StandardRoss Lydall, he continued: “But to strike a deal, what he does is put the terms and conditions and our member pension on the altar like something that is going to be cut.

“We wish he hadn’t done it, but we support the idea that you get a fully funded London Underground – it’s important for the city and important for the environment that we have a properly funded network.

“But we also need the national rail network to support that.”

He called government cuts to rail and metro funding “unsustainable” and said solutions were needed.

Lucy ThackrayJune 21, 2022 13:43


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