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The Ashes: Is England’s ‘Bazball’ batting on the ‘wrong side of reckless?’ | Cricket News

Sky Sports’ Michael Atherton, Nasser Hussain, Kevin Pietersen, Eoin Morgan and Sir Andrew Strauss discuss England’s double batting fall on the second and third days of the Second Ashes Test; watch Wednesday live at Lord’s on Sky Sports Cricket from 10:15am (first ball at 11am)

20:18, UK, Friday, June 30, 2023

Is it possible that England’s batting was too ‘reckless’ when collapsing for the second time in as many games on Friday morning at Lord’s, leaving the home team close to falling behind with a 2-0 scoreline in the Ashes.

England overcame Australia by 221 tree stump runs on the third day of the Second Test, the visitors also having eight racquets in the second round.

It was all a far cry from England’s position at 4:43pm on Thursday when well set up at 188-1 in their first inning, before the three subsequent championships fell in the interval. 34 runs, with Ollie Pope, Ben Duckett – two less than in girlhood. The century is ashes – and Joe Root is at his best on receiving the short ball.

The fun game continued on Tuesday morning as England collapsed from 278-4 to 325 in all, with Harry Brook, another throwing his wicks away as he sought to head to head. with another guard player.

Best action from day three of Second Ashes Test as England collapse gives Australia advantage

Atherton: Britain is on the wrong side of recklessness

Michael Atherton said: “If you go back to last summer, the British approach was a calculated aggression. Here it seemed to be all-out aggression, no matter what.”

“They were just the flip side of the recklessness in those innings, and especially this morning with Harry Brook’s sacking.

“Even Eoin [Morgan] who I consider to be the spiritual godfather of ‘Bazball’ might think that’s a bit reckless.”

Michael Atherton and Eoin Morgan have a say on Australia’s dominant performance against England in morning trading on the third day of the Second Ashes Test

He added: “I don’t know if it’s the Ashes, it’s the speed of the bowling game. Speed ​​makes you do funny things, it can take you out of the zone. his safety.

“All the chatter around England’s approach, sometimes you can forget what got you to this position.

“Think about Jonny Bairstow’s innings at Trent Bridge against New Zealand, that’s when he thought he should attack. It was calculated risk taking.

“Here, it feels like Britain has no control over what they’re doing.”

Hussain: I don’t play with percentages

“Yesterday’s battle [Thursday] after tea, and then today, they [England] Nasser Hussain said.

England lost the last three championships in just one run as Australia hit the tail ball to take a 91-run lead after the first inning of the second Ash Test match at Lord’s

“Damage was done yesterday. England were in a really strong position when the sun went down but turned into post-tea cheerleaders when every ball had to go.

“Everybody talks about Bazball but the Bazball that I’ve seen is playing in conditions like they did in Pakistan and last summer.

“If you have four catchers, the percentage won’t work in your favor and if you keep hooking you’ll eventually give up your racquet – and that’s what they did.”

Pietersen: Can you change their tactics?

Kevin Pietersen said: “I know a lot of people have called British batting ‘mindless’, but I’m also pretty brainless. “People hate it when I say, ‘that’s how I play’.

“I find the best form of defense is to attack, every time.

“One thing I will say is that I think it’s much harder to play short things on this racquet because of its two-tempo nature.

“When England came to Headingley [for the third Test]With the bounce you get on those particular racquets, you can easily pull off a longer pull.

“Joe Root is probably the greatest player to have ever played for this country. And for him to understand how he’s done, as good as he is now, you think, ‘perhaps that’s the player’, because he He’s a great player.”

Former England international Kevin Pietersen says there is ‘no way’ Australia will let England take the lead on Day Three of Ashes’ second test

Pietersen added: “Do you think you can change tactics as a cricket team in the middle of a series?

“I know it’s all about Bazball, and ‘we’re going to play this way, we’re always going to chase victory’.

“Who knows, they might have the most unbelievable fourth inning and chase it, and we’re sitting here talking the most nonsense.

“But can they, against this Australian side, correct what they are doing, because of what they did this week and last week? [at Edgbaston] sure failed?”

Pietersen discusses whether England should stick or squirm, regarding their tactics against dominating Australia in The Ashes

Morgan: England must follow their method

“I completely understand Kev’s point,” Morgan said. “But the last thing you want to see as a leader in the dressing room is England trying to beat Australia in their own game – they are the best team in the world at that.

“You will defeat them with your best method.

Watch Sir Geoffrey Boycott be left with his head in his hands after seeing Harry Brook sacked on Day Three of The Ashes’ second test

“That dressing-room mindset goes against almost every generation of red-ball cricket England has ever produced. Sometimes it’s hard to accept or understand, but I’m sure they have a better view and understanding of what it is. how they get there.

“It seems like it suits the characters and staff in the dressing room – and I don’t see that stopping.”

Strauss: The ego came to England

Sir Andrew Strauss said: “When I played cricket for England, we talked a lot about playing without emotion – almost without allowing adrenaline to get into your cricket.” “We’ve tried to be almost killer in the way we approach things.

“This England team does it very differently, they let their emotions almost determine the way they play. That’s why they achieve such extraordinary things, but that’s also why they are so easy to play. You always feel like they are likely to give you a way back into the game.

Watch all eight wicks fall on the third day of the Second Ash Test at Lord for 90 seconds

“That Bazball approach is now ingrained in the team and England would be completely wrong to try to change that, but any Test cricket still needs to be a smart one.

“Given your overall intentions and approach, you still have to evaluate, ‘What does this situation require me to do?’ Adaptability is always very important.

“If England are honest with themselves, there have been moments in this Test match – and Edgbaston – where the ego can emerge.

“With Australia playing bowling so short, yes England want to be aggressive against it and not back down but sometimes the odds are not in your favor.”

Watch day four of the second Men’s Ashes Test live on Sky Sports Cricket. News from Lord begins at 10:15am, with the first ball at 11am. Also stream all of this summer’s male and female series on NOW.


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