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The Conveyancing Climate Change Debate

Love it or hate it, climate change seems to be here to stay after The Law Society published guidance on the role of legal services in providing information to consumers.

And that’s the subject of this latest Today’s Conveyancer podcast as host David Opie alongside Groundsure CEO Dan Montagnani, Bold Legal Group CEO Rob Hailstone and Property Manager at Dutton Gregory Paul Sams.

Through the discussion, each contributor shares their thoughts on what climate change guidance means for carriers in the absence of the industry-specific guidance we await, and /or practice notes.

In addition to the discussion, Today’s Conveyancer conducted a survey to find out how carriers feel around guidance and their role in helping movers better understand the long-term risks. term brought about by climate change. There were over 100 answers to the question “what is your approach as a company or practitioner in regards to how you engage your customers?” revealing;

  • 35% of respondents will proactively report any climate risks identified in search reports and use tools that include standard terms to help explain risks to clients
  • 9% will only report to clients about climate risks when a report seeks to identify a risk
  • 18% will let the client decide if this is a material risk to the real estate transaction and demonstrate this to minimize the risk to reality
  • 25% do not intend to report climate change issues to customers

The issue seems to hinge on the qualifications of an attorney to give such advice to a client, and both Paul and Rob acknowledge that there is still another element of scope or duty involved in the matter. responsibility to report the matter, this should be in everyone’s interest and be sent. , fell directly on the shoulder of the carrier.

In an interesting discussion, all three discuss whether climate change is something the transit community should push back, or whether it is part of a new type of transport that plays a role. path for this kind of information and support home carrier or not much more.

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