Lots of people love a big set of titles, but it’s an undeniably special part of the upcoming festival experience that will happen with your favorite new artist on one of the smaller stages.

The Great Escape Festival is basically that, but every time. With a lineup filled with The Next Big Thing from the UK and beyond, this multi-site epic event is all about the sound of things to come.

And with the action happening on the south coast – an amazingly short journey for Londoners – it’s the perfect weekend getaway. Here’s what you need to know.

When and where does The Great Escape take place?

The festival will run from May 11-14, starting on Wednesday and ending on Saturday.

All are based in Brighton, with lineups spanning over 30 locations, all within walking distance of each other. There will also be a festival center landing on Brighton Beach. The full schedule will be revealed on April 20th – we’ll update this page as it comes out.

Regular trains run to Brighton from both London Bridge and Victoria stations, with the journey taking around an hour. Book in advance for cheaper tickets.

Who is on the squad?

There are around 500 artists on the 2022 list, which can make making your must-see list seem like a pretty daunting task. But part of the fun of Great Escape is the happy accidents – stumbling across acts you never intended to see, but who end up becoming one of the highlights of your festival. .

That said, there are some names that stand out in the lineup. We’ll be looking for South West Londoners Kam-BU and his boundless rap style, Leeds’ witty clumsy words Yard ActPhoebe Bridgers Approved Christian Lee Hutson, Croydon riser Rachel Chinouriri, Tour operator Bilie Eilish Dora Jarand more.

There will also be a few stand-alone Spotlight gigs on the show. On May 13th, Tems will headline Brighton Dome with support rom Enny and Gabrielswhile on May 14th, ArrDee will lead the lineup with support from Dréya Mac, Piri and Tommy and Cassyette.

Check out the entire lineup this.


Tickets are currently on sale with a wide selection. Three-day tickets, including Thursday to Saturday, start at £90, while day tickets cost £40 each (outside Saturday, it’s £50).

Spotlight gigs are sold separately, with a Tems performance costing £20.25 and ArrDee’s night costing £17.

Come here for all ticket information and to secure your seat.


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