Viewers reacted to Netflix’s ‘heartbreaking’ new series Between, starring Joey King, Kyle Allen and Kim Dickens.

The film was released by Paramount+ in February but was only released to Netflix this week.

The film follows a teenage girl, Tessa (King), whose budding relationship with Skylar (Allen) is met with tragedy. However, she realizes she can still talk to him, and the pair grow closer as she learns more about herself.

“I just watched Between on Netflix and I think I cried the whole movie,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

Another said: “Just watch Between on Netflix and it just killed me. “

The film was also praised for its depiction of love:Between on Netflix makes it so much more painful to be with your soul mate because you can never imagine the pain of losing them. Joey King what a performance. ”

“Everyone please come in and see Between on Netflix, I’ve honestly never sobbed so much at a romance movie, or any movie, in my entire life,” another said.

One fan joked: “Just watched Between on Netflix…. I cried like a two year old. The movie is brilliant, it’s like a knife in your heart. Worth a watch just wait. “

King previously starred in Netflix’s summer hit 2018 The kiss of both, went on to become one of the streaming giant’s biggest movies despite being panned by critics. Since then, she has appeared in two sequels, and is set to star alongside Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Michael Shannon and Sandra Bullet in the upcoming action comedy. High speed train.

Between Now available on Netflix UK.


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