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The Little Mermaid’s Flounder and Sebastian posters lampooned by film fans

Little Mermaid is in the spotlight after the release of new character posters.

Disney’s latest live-action remake is set to release in May, and to mark a month before its release, the studio has unveiled one-sheet posters that offer a first look at some figure.

This includes the villain Ursula, who will be played by Melissa McCarthy, flounder, who will be voiced by Jacob Tremblay, and the crab Sebastian, voiced by Daveed Diggs.

Posters by Flounder and Sebastian have generated a huge amount of ridicule on social media, with fans noting that Disney has essentially pasted a picture of a crustacean and a fish – it doesn’t look like any cartoon character version – against a lavish backdrop.

As a result, many have questioned their design.

“The little yellow shade is all the soul left in Flounder after Disney tried to suck the soul out of him,” wrote one, with another declaring: “YOU ARE NOT THE FLOUNDER YOU ARE.”

“Hey Disney… there must be a REASON that all fish are animated…” an additional tweet said, with one person writing: “I feel bad for the animators when they told them to personify the crab AND make him come true, Disney failed them.”

Find more reactions below:

Halle Bailey plays Ariel in the film, which is an update of the 1989 animated film.

Those who sing along to the film’s hit songs, however, will find they’ve got the lyrics wrong, as co-writer Alan Menken changed the lyrics, with the help of Lin-Manuel Miranda, to make them more relevant to today’s audience. .

Little Mermaid hits theaters on May 26.


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