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Three London Wetherspoons have been Named Among England’s Best

We Londoners love a good pub. They are a structural part of our city, an important element of our history and culture. And you know what that means too? We also mine a good list of pubs: we like the ratings They go from best to worst, considering very important criteria like fireplace corners, pub gardens, dog behavior, even obvious choices.

It’s no surprise that there are so many recent rankings, including Time Out’s ultimate list of the 50 best pubs in London (by our tireless food and drink editor Leonie Cooper). study). But it looks like others are in action and in a recent list of the UK’s best Wetherspoons compiled by Daily News From customer reviews on TripAdvisor, no less than three of the top ten places are in London.

So provided the pub chain ‘Spoons is headline for value and can thrive when other pub chains are struggling – like our recent story on the brand new Wetherspoons pub worth £3m at O2 Arena revealed – what about these London pubs in particular that have captured hearts and minds?

Top-ranked, in second place in the UK, is The Brockley Barge in south-east London. Although it is markedly short of water today, Brockley was once the site of part of the Croydon Canal, hence the name, and the pub is related to its history, both in its boat-shaped curved facade and interior decoration. Boasting real beer and a friendly feel, it fits right in with the tree-lined SE4’s coffee and dining culture.

Next up is The Liberty Bounds, which is in a prime location to watch tourists take mass selfies on Tower Bridge, as opposed to the scaffoldings of the previous year. Located in Tower Hill next to Tower Hill station, it is so called because it lies just outside the boundaries of the City of London and is therefore not under the control of the City. Today, it is a large, cavernous yet cozy pub, attracting both city dwellers and tourists.

Finally, there’s Goodman’s Field, slightly northeast of Tower Hill, named after Roland Goodman, who tended the original land here for a nearby monastery. It’s big, has picture windows and great views of the city while you study English fully.

So yes you have it. Here are the top ten Wetherspoons in the UK, according to Daily News:

  1. RoyalExeter
  2. Brockley BargeLondon
  3. Freedom limitLondon
  4. Field of GoodmansLondon
  5. Port JacksonBishop Stortford
  6. Peter Cushingstable
  7. Admiral CollingwoodIlfracombe
  8. Velvet liningBlackpool
  9. Winter gardenHarrogate
  10. bowl punchyork

Scotland’s Top 5:

  1. Standing ordersEdinburgh
  2. Caley picture houseEdinburgh
  3. Social roomGlasgow
  4. Wheatsheaf InnKilmarnock
  5. Pioneer PrestwickPrestwick

And the Welsh top five:

  1. center HotelShotton
  2. Elihu YaleWrexham
  3. Godfrey MorganNewport
  4. John Wallace LintonNewport
  5. Malcolm UphillCaerphilly

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