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UK weather: Warm weather returns after thunderstorms and flooding | UK News

Temperatures are expected to rise on Tuesday after thunderstorms and flooding hit areas across the UK.

Tuesday, June 13, 2023 02:24, UK

Warm weather will return to the UK on Tuesday after some areas of the UK were hit by thunderstorms and floods.

An amber thunderstorm warning was issued on Monday as parts of the UK suffered heavy rain and strong winds, while roads flooded across the country.

The warning covers areas of Leicester, Birmingham, Worcester, Gloucester and Oxford, Liverpool and the north-west areas are also affected.

A yellow weather warning is also in place for thunderstorms and rain in parts of Scotland, Northern Ireland, much of southern England, Wales and the Midlands and including London, Manchester and Bristol.

Torrential rain has temporarily halted Manchester City’s title parade after the club won the treble on Saturday.

A yellow thunderstorm warning remains in place from 12pm to 9pm on Tuesday in parts of western Scotland and Northern Ireland, with affected areas expected to see heavy, downpour rocks and storms.

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But Met Office forecaster and meteorologist Simon Partridge said drier weather was expected over the weekend.

“We’ve had some very large thunderstorms,” ​​he said.

Weather warnings for thunderstorms and rain are in place. image file

“The good news is that the worst of it is now leaving, as we cool down in the evening it will make the thunderstorms less energetic and it will begin to enter the Irish Sea.

“We have high pressure that starts to rebuild, and when you have high pressure, that’s what gives us a lot of steady, dry weather, like what we’ve had over the past few weeks. “

The forecast follows a weekend of scorching temperatures and heavy rainfall.

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A temperature of 32C (89.6F) was recorded at Kew Gardens in south-west London on Sunday and much of the UK was hotter than Monaco and the French Riviera, where temperatures dropped below 20C.

However, Sunday’s temperatures were only down from this year’s record high of 32.2C (89.96F) reached on Saturday in Chertsey, Surrey.

London and Manchester are expected to see a peak of 28 degrees Celsius on Tuesday as London Mayor Sadiq Khan issues a high air pollution warning – the second of the year – due to the high temperatures and pollution. brought from this continent.

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“Pollution and heat can be a dangerous combination, which is why I urge Londoners to take care of themselves and each other by choosing to walk, cycle or use public transport.” Plus, avoiding unnecessary car trips, idling engines and not burning wood or garden waste, all of which contribute to high levels of pollution,” said Mr Khan.

“This is especially important to protect the most vulnerable and help us build a safer and greener London for all.”


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