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Titanic submarine latest: OceanGate still advertising Titan trips after human remains recovered from wreckage

The wreckage of the Titan submersible was brought ashore after the deadly explosion

The company that operated the doomed submersible that blew up in the depths of the Atlantic Ocean is still advertising expeditions to the wreck of the Titanic on its website.

Reports surfaced last week that OceanGate Expeditions was closed indefinitely after Stockton Rush CEO, British billionaire Hamish Harding, French diving expert Paul-Henri Nargeolet and Pakistani businessman Shahzada Dawood and Suleman, 19, died when the company’s submarine Titan exploded while on a tour of the wreck of the Titanic.

But more than 10 days after the tragedy – and a week after it was confirmed, OceanGate’s website still shows available dates for two separate eight-day expeditions next year.

The company’s future is currently uncertain, as industry experts have told New York Post Office that all planned expeditions to the Titanic were cancelled. independence Have reached out to OceanGate for comment.

The US Coast Guard announced on Wednesday that “supposed human remains” have been discovered near the wreck of the Titan submarine.

The remains will be returned to the United States for analysis, part of a broader international investigation into what happened during the disastrous trip to the United States. Titanic shipwreck earlier this month.


Son turns down father’s offer for ‘bucket list’ trip on doomed Titanic submarine over safety concerns

A 20-year-old lucky survivor of the Titanic sub-catastrophe has revealed how he turned down his father’s offer for a “bucket list” trip out of fear the ship was unsafe.

Sean Bloom, 20, told People that he and his tycoon father Jay Bloom almost signed up for an OceanGate Expeditions tour to visit the wreck of the Titanic.

However, Mr. Bloom said he ultimately declined because he did not believe the Titan submersible could withstand the pressure at a depth of about 13,000 feet in the Atlantic Ocean.

“The reason my dad didn’t go was because I told him, ‘Dude, this submarine can’t survive going that deep in the ocean,'” Sean told People.

Andrea BlancoJune 30, 2023 05:00


WATCH: The wreckage of Titan submersible brought ashore after deadly explosion

The wreckage of the Titan submersible was brought ashore after the deadly explosion

Andrea BlancoJune 30, 2023 04:00


OceanGate copilot job opening causes backlash on TikTok

A job ad posted by the company that operated the doomed Titanic that exploded last week in the Atlantic Ocean has sparked a backlash on social media.

TikTok users have protested the job post has been deleted by struggling OceanGate Expeditions, following the tragedy that killed all five of its passengers. As advertised on the company’s website and on Indeed, OceanGate is accepting applicants for the co-pilot position.

The company notes that it has an “urgent opening” and is looking for dedicated individuals with “a combination of strong mechanical and interpersonal skills” and experience working with submersibles and boats. as well as operating complex systems to support diving operations. Insiders report. Among other requirements, applicants are required to feel comfortable in a confined space and be able to fit a 28-inch diameter ring.

OceanGate not only organizes tours of the Titanic wreck, but also to the Azores Islands in Portugal and the Bahamas. A pilot, a “content specialist” and three mission specialists – or paid passengers without any prior experience – participated in each dive, according to the company. website.

The post was deleted around June 23, a day after the US Coast Guard confirmed that the ship’s compartments were found 1,600 ft below the Titanic wreck on the ocean floor, but not is not to be noticed by angry detectives criticizing time.

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Teenager dies on Titanic carrying Rubik’s cube to break world record

The boy’s mother said the teenager who died on the Titan submersible was carrying a Rubik’s cube because he wanted to break the world record.

Christine Dawood told the BBC that her son, 19-year-old Suleman, was “excited” to try to solve the puzzle 3,700 meters below the ocean’s surface.

Meanwhile, his father, businessman Shahzada, was “excited like a child” at the prospect of seeing the wreck of the Titanic.

He applied for a Guinness World Record and his father, who has also passed away, brought a camera to capture the moment.

Ms Dawood said her son loved the famous square puzzle so much that he carried it with him everywhere and wowed onlookers by solving it in just 12 seconds.

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Titanic ‘returns to Netflix’ on July 1

1997 blockbusterTitanic will return to Netflix in July – just weeks after the failed expedition to the ocean’s resting place.

independenceReport of:

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Inside the dangerous world of adventure travel for the thrill-seeking super-rich

The trend of the world’s richest people paying more for adventures is nothing new.

Gabriella Le Breton investigates the age-old obsession of the elite with exploring the furthest – and most dangerous – places in the world.

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Debris from Titan is brought back to the shore

Large debris from Titan was transported to St John’s harbor on Wednesday by the Horizon Arctic vessel, where they were unloaded by a crane. The Coast Guard announced just hours later that medical experts would formally analyze the presumed human remains found on the debris.

Speaking after the evidence was recovered, the Chairman of the Maritime Investigation Commission (MBI), Captain Jason Neubauer, said: “I am grateful for the coordinated interagency and international support for the recovery. and preserve this vital evidence at extreme depths and distances offshore.

“The evidence will provide investigators from several international jurisdictions with important insights into the causes of this tragedy.

“There’s still a lot of work to be done to understand the factors that led to Titan’s catastrophic disappearance and help ensure a similar tragedy doesn’t happen again.”

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OceanGate CEO’s friend Stockton Rush warned him about ‘not being able to withstand the pressure of [his] own creation’

The emails obtained by Insiders show an exchange between Mr. Rush and Karl Stanley, the owner of another diving expedition company.

Mr. Stanley shared concerns about a loud crack during a two-hour dive aboard the Titan in the Bahamas.

“I don’t think if you push to dive into Titantic this season it won’t succumb to the financial pressure, I think you’ll succumb to the pressure of your own making, in part due to The ego prescribing to do what people say is impossible doesn’t work,” warned Mr. Stanley.

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Widow who lost husband and son in Titanic submarine explosion pays tribute to ‘best friends’ at memorial

The widow of a Pakistani tycoon who lost both her husband and son after their submersible exploded at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean has opened up about her grief.

More than a week after all five passengers on the Titan submarine expedition died, their families continue to reel from the tragedy as international maritime authorities launch multiple investigations to determine the cause of the catastrophic explosion.

Speaking at a televised memorial service on Tuesday, Christine Dawood, whose husband Shahzada Dawood and 19-year-old son Suleman Dawood were among the victims, said the Titanic expedition had world significance. for father and son, whom she describes as true adventurers. bonded together because of their love of adventure.

Ms Dawood said: “These two best friends have embarked on this last trip, their last journey together. sky news through tears. “The past few days have been an incredibly challenging family… Emotions range from excitement to shock to hope and finally to despair and grief.”

Andrea BlancoJune 29, 2023 20:50


The family pays tribute to ‘legend’ Hamish Harding, the British billionaire who died in the Titanic submarine accident

Family members pay their respects to Hamish Harding, the British billionaire, aviation magnate and adventurer who was among five people killed in a failed submarine expedition this week. before the shipwreck. Titanic.

A statement from Harding’s family, through his company, Action Aviation, describes him as a devoted father of two and a “living legend” who loves to explore and push boundaries. of what is possible.

He is one of a kind and we adore him. He was a passionate adventurer – no matter the terrain – who lived it out for his family, business, and next adventure,” the statement read. “What he has achieved in his life is truly remarkable and if we can take any small consolation from this tragedy, it is that we lost him to do what he did. she loves.”

In 2021, he made a record-setting voyage to the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, which at 36,000 feet below sea level is the deepest part of the ocean.

Andrea BlancoJune 29, 2023 20:20


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