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Tom Hanks makes candid claim about some of his movies

Tom Hanks has been candid about some of the movies he’s starred in.

The actor has been a permanent fixture on the Hollywood stage since the late 1980s, starring in popular films including Big, Toy Story, Saving Private Ryan And Catch me if you can.

Hanks won two consecutive Oscars in 1994 and 1995 for Forrest Gump And Philadelphiawith Captain Phillips The actor was nominated for Best Actor three more times.

His most recent nomination, for Best Supporting Actor, comes in 2020 for his role as Fred Rogers in A beautiful day in the neighborhood.

However, while Hanks is fortunate to have starred in acclaimed projects, the actor has not always been so successful. In fact, he admits that he’s been “in some movies that I hate”.

Talking toNew Yorkers, Hanks said, “OK, let’s admit it: We’ve all seen movies we hate. I’ve been in some movies that I hate. You’ve seen some of my movies and you hate them.”

Although he did not give specific names, some of Hanks’ weakest films include Flame of vanityBrian De Palma’s Tom Wolfe adaptation created the book Devil’s Candy, Larry Crownedirected by him, and Ron Howard’s The Da Vinci Code.

Talking about the making of the film, Hanks said: “Here are the five points of Rubicon that anyone who makes films must overcome: The first Rubicon that you pass is to say yes to the movie. Your fate is sealed. You will be in that movie.

“The second Rubicon is when you actually see the movie that you made. Either it works and it’s the movie you want to make, or it doesn’t work and that’s not the movie you want to make.”

He added: “That has nothing to do with Rubicon number three, the critical reaction to it. Someone will say, ‘I hate it.’ Others might say, ‘I think it’s brilliant.’ Somewhere between these two is the actual content of the film. The fourth Rubicon is the film’s commercial performance. Because, if it doesn’t make money, your career will go bankrupt sooner than you’d like. That’s just the truth. That is business. The fifth Rubicon is time.”

Tom Hanks failed ‘The Bonfire of the Vanities’

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He says it’s hard to predict how a movie will turn out, stating: “You have to trust the whole process in the hands of the collaborators you hope to work with at the top of the line. in their game later. You can only have faith and hope – and what is greater than faith and hope?”

The next Hanks will be seen in Wes Anderson’s asteroid citywas released on June 26. Found independenceReview of the movie here.

In January, Hanks said that “nobody” talked about one of his most important films.


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