Tom Cruise said the sequel to the iconic film Top Gun was a “difficult”.

Speaking to Sky, the Hollywood actor – who starred in the original Top Gun movie as rogue fighter pilot Pete ‘Maverick’ Mitchell – admitted that fan pressure was on him when he had to perform. show a next movie.

“Taking on the Top Gun sequel is a tough task,” he explained.

“Fans all over the world – more than any other movie in decades have said let’s make another movie, and I said – I don’t know how to do it.

“And I’m going to go home and think about how to approach it, to hear how the audience feels about it… I’m so excited for them, I’m so happy for that, I’m relieved for them, you know. ”

He went on to explain that the plot of this film is directly related to the events of the 1986 original.

“The foundation of the story that we have in this movie goes back to 1986,” explains Cruise.

“So the dynamics of the relationship that we talked about back then were there initially.”

Jennifer Connelly, who plays Maverick’s love interest Penny, added that the new film has “a great balance between old and new”.

“It was all of a sudden feeling emotional, people that I spoke to who saw it said, ‘I cried and I didn’t expect it,'” she said.

“I think it’s moving and flying what they can do is on another level entirely.”

Top Gun: Maverick is said to have encountered many bumps on its way to the big screen.

The film has been delayed by nearly two years due to the pandemic, pushing its original June 2020 release date back to May 24 this year.

Cruise also declined to release the film on streaming platforms rather than in theaters, telling an interviewer at the Cannes Film Festival that “it’s not going to happen”.

“I make movies for the big screen,” he said, according to Variety, adding: “I spent a lot of time with theater owners” and he wanted to support them.


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