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‘Selfish’ train passenger criticised for ‘manspreading’ across neighbour’s personal space

A train passenger has labeled the man sitting next to her “selfish” after he split his legs into her personal space – with some online comments accusing him of “misunderstanding”. “.

Neena Jha shared a photo on Twitter that showed her neighbor’s leg plugged into the gap in front of her seat.

She tweeted that she was “sitting next to a really selfish guy who refuses to move his legs out of my space” and asked her followers if she would be considered. Is it rude to “kick his feet away”.

Ms Jha, who in her Twitter profile says she is an NHS GP and urgent care doctor, described her train passenger as someone with “as bad as so” and said he “took my place as if he simply had a right to it.”

One user replied that the man was “trying to make you uncomfortable to move to another seat” – a comment Ms. Jha concurs.

However, she said she managed to regain her space by mimicking the man’s behavior and spreading out herself.

She posted a picture of an empty chair next to it with the caption: “I just stretched my legs and he walked away angry!! What a win.”

Admitting she’s “very bad at standing up for herself”, Ms Jha said her favorite suggestion to deal with the problem is to “pull out a hair of his leg with a pair of tweezers from time to time”.

Since it was first posted on Sunday, the tweet has been viewed more than 3.5 million times.

One user suggested Ms Jha “think of men taller than us”, to which she replied: “I would be happy to let him have my legroom if he was polite about it. “

Debate around proper train etiquette has become a trend this year.

Earlier this month, a passenger sparked discussions after filming himself putting his foot on an empty seat, which left others in the car looking uncomfortable.

And in April, a man was praised online after insisting on asking a train passenger to leave the seat he had bought. Footage of his confrontation went viral, with many applauding the man for refusing to give up his seat.


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