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Thunderstorms expected in parts of UK after hottest day of year

  • By Emily McGarvey
  • BBC news

Thunderstorms and 30°C temperatures are expected for Sunday, after the UK saw its hottest day of the year on Saturday.

The Met Office has issued a yellow thunderstorm warning from 12:00 to 21:00 BST on Sunday for Wales, Northern Ireland and most of western and central England and Scotland.

Warnings for heavy rain, hail, gusty winds and thunder in some areas.

On Saturday, the temperature hit 30.4°C in Surrey.

The Met Office had predicted up to 100mm of rain on Saturday night, the equivalent of a month, but the heaviest recorded was 21.8mm in Billinge Hill, Merseyside.

It said there was a small chance that homes and businesses could flood quickly on Sunday, with some buildings damaged by floodwaters, lightning strikes, hail or strong winds.

It added that delays and some cancellations for train and bus services could result from flooding or lightning strikes.

Difficult driving conditions are also possible due to fog, sudden flooding and possible power cuts.

The UK Health Security Agency has issued a hot amber weather warning until 09:00 BST on Tuesday for much of southern England and the Midlands.

That means high temperatures can affect people of all ages and affect health services.

Temperatures hit 27.6°C in Auchincruive, Ayrshire, on Saturday – making it the hottest day of the year in Scotland.

Temperatures of 30.4°C in Northolt, west London, and Wisley, Surrey also make it the UK’s hottest day of the year.

The Bureau of Meteorology said on Sunday more clouds are likely – with a maximum temperature of 32 degrees Celsius.

The forecast for the next week is the risk of continued thunderstorms with thunder in some areas and temperatures are likely to remain above average.

The Met Office added that most of the UK will meet the heatwave criteria next week.


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