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Coldest November night in 13 years for parts of UK

  • By Marie Jackson & Helen Willetts
  • BBC News and BBC Weather

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The snowy seaside town of Scarborough in North Yorkshire

People across parts of the UK experienced their coldest November night since 2010 and have three more days of snow and ice warnings ahead.

On Aonach Mor in the Scottish Highlands, temperatures were a bitter -8C (18F).

In lower Prestwick, in Ayrshire, overnight temperatures dropped to -5.5C (22F) and fell to a chilly -6.1C (21F) in the Cumbrian town of Keswick.

Snow has fallen across Scotland and eastern England, as far south as Norfolk. It will be cold for a few more days.

Freezing fog is making travel dangerous in parts of the Midlands, north-west England and Northern Ireland, and could develop elsewhere.

After that, more snow is expected in the north and east of Scotland, as well as eastern England. It is likely that some will fall overnight on the moors in south-west England.

In Northern Ireland, there was light rain and snow, moistening the ground. Combined with freezing fog, roads and sidewalks became icy. In north Wales there has been snow showers.

Current cold air currents are coming from Scandinavia, where people are experiencing near-record cold November weather.

Overnight, some of the coldest places are:

  • Bridgefoot, in Cumbria -7.2C (19F)
  • Drumming at Crianlarich -5.8C (22F)
  • Hawarden in Flintshire -3 (27F)
  • Aldergrove, County Antrim -2.9C (27F)

The Met Office has issued a weather warning for snow and ice from 17:00 GMT on Wednesday for parts of northern and eastern Scotland, north-east England and Yorkshire.

The second wave will be in place on Thursday for eastern Scotland and north-east England up to North Yorkshire and for much of the day in south-west England. Much of Northern Ireland is under an ice warning on Thursday.

Snow and ice warnings have now been extended until Friday morning for most of the UK east coast.

These yellow-rated warnings mean people can expect hazardous conditions, with potential disruption and delays on roads and rail as well as icy patches on roads and sidewalks.

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Fine snow covers the Aberdeenshire village of Braemar

image source, Kaz on the Coast/BBC Weather Watcher

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The sun rises over the beach at Cayton in North Yorkshire

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In neighboring Lancashire, some snow fell at Heapey

Additionally, the UK Health Security Agency has issued an amber cold health warning for the health sector in northern areas of England, meaning “significant impacts are possible.” tell”.

The agency said the amber alert indicates cold weather could impact the entire health service and potentially put the entire population at risk.

A less severe yellow cold health warning has been in place for the Midlands. Both warnings are in effect from 18:00 GMT Tuesday until December 5.

Dr Agostinho Sousa, from the agency, urged people to check on vulnerable people and asked those over 65 and sick to heat their most used rooms, like living rooms or bedroom.

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Matt Taylor looks at where snow could fall in the UK this week

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