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UK braced for hottest day of the year so far as Met Office gives weather update

Today is predicted to be the hottest day of the year in the UK – but Plymouth could be dropped from being the warmest place in the country. The British city of Ocean set a record on Saturday for the highest temperature recorded so far this year, 24.4 degrees Celsius.

But according to the forecast, the thermometer will surpass that and hit 25 degrees Celsius today, although maybe not in Plymouth. The Met Office expects the city’s temperature to peak at 21 degrees Celsius between 4pm and 6pm today.

Some cloud cover between 1pm and 4pm is expected to have a temperature of 20C. However, pollen counts are high, so hay fever sufferers need to be vigilant.

Saturday’s sunshine saw crowds at events around the city, including the packed Plymouth Taste Festival in the Square. Visit Plymouth said “another fine weather day” drew crowds as they visited more than 70 merchants.

Elsewhere, the Barbican was also busy with families as the midterm holiday week got off to a bright start. But Plymouth is likely to lose its crown as a hot spot today, despite the sunny outlook.

The forecasters are expect the temperature to reach 25C Met Office meteorologist Dan Stroud said in “one of two spots… most likely across West Scotland”. “But then we expect temperatures to drop a little bit as we move forward into mid and weekend,” he said.

Mr Stroud said temperatures would remain “generally above average” but would not meet the “heatwave criteria”. “We have high pressure coming through right now, bringing dry and stable weather along with a bit of late spring, early summer sunshine,” he said.


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