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March’s ‘wonky’ Christmas tree lights turned on

  • By Mousumi Bakshi and Nadia Gyane
  • BBC News, Cambridgeshire

A controversial “bizarre” Christmas tree was lit up in front of thousands of people.

The 30ft (9m) tall March pine tree in Cambridgeshire has a distinct lean that has attracted a lot of attention in the town of Fenland.

The volunteers who set up the tree said it was the same when they got it.

Martin Field, from March Town Council, said: “A lot of people were critical, but we’ve certainly learned to love it.”

image source, Mousumi Bakshi/BBC

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Toni says it’s “a little off center…I quite like it. It’s a real talking point”

image source, Angie Aspinall

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The image of the “leaning tree in March” before the town center lights come on

The light show was welcomed by many people in the small town.

“It’s a talking point. I think it will attract people to see it,” Toni Fox said.

Marina Pelling said: “I don’t know what to say. I’m shocked that someone said the wrong thing.”

image source, Mousumi Bakshi/BBC

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Suze and her son say the tree is “cute but it would be prettier if it were straight.”

Suze says: “It’s all about perspective, does it matter if it wobbles?

“I think there are worse things a town could be known for. If we’re known for a wobbly Christmas tree, that’s okay, right?”

Speaking on BBC Radio Four’s Today program, Mr. Field, a town councilor, said the tree was ordered in January and installed by a tree expert, but when it was erected, the trunk was bent.

“That makes it look like it’s tilted,” he said. It has no risk of falling; It’s completely safe.”

He added that many locals enjoyed the lights being turned on and “a lot of local businesses remained open and benefited from this additional custom”.

“To be honest, I’m not entirely sure there won’t be people saying ‘can we have another tree next year?’.”


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