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Basildon waste collection rota ‘putting health at risk’

  • By Lewis Adams and Ian Wyatt
  • BBC News, Essex

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Independent councilor Kerry Smith said residents “hated” the new bin collection process

A new waste collection regulation “hated” by residents is endangering public health, a councilor claims.

Residents in Basildon, Essex now have to divide their waste into six different areas.

Waste will be collected every two weeks as Basildon Borough Council aims to cut waste going to landfill.

However, councilor Kerry Smith said leftover trash would become a safety hazard.

The new rule replaces the weekly black bag service across the county.

The council said it took this decision with the support of 68% of residents, who now have black bins for non-recyclable waste, food waste boxes and optional green bins for garden waste.

They also have two reusable sacks for plastic and cans along with paper and cardboard, respectively, and an orange box for glass.

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The council hopes to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

However, Mr Smith, an independent member of Basildon Borough Council, said the new plans were “absolutely hated” by those he spoke to.

He believes that items like diapers and dog poop left in the house for two weeks will make people sick.

“The whole thing goes against the principles of why local government was originally established in Victorian times and that was to protect public health,” the councilor said.

“What Basildon Council are doing is disgusting. They are endangering public health.”

The council said the new collection service will reduce the amount of waste from torn black bags.

The Conservative councilor responsible for waste enforcement, Kevin Blake, said residents supported the revised regulations when consulted in the summer of 2022 and again this year.

“The new containers will reduce the amount of waste on our streets through reduced bag separation and will encourage more recycling,” he said.

“If people recycled everything they could, there would be very little waste left.”

The BBC has contacted Basildon Borough Council for updated comment.

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