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Kirklees councillor jailed for trying to dodge speeding fine

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Fazila Loonat was jailed for 14 weeks at Bradford Crown Court

A Kirklees city councilor and her partner were jailed for attempting to pervert the course of justice for speeding violations.

Fazila Loonat’s partner, Afshin Amini, was caught driving her car at 39 mph on a 30 mph road in Dewsbury in 2020.

A notice of intent to prosecute was sent to her address, but she returned forms naming a fictional driver.

At Bradford Crown Court, the Labor commissioner was jailed for 14 weeks and Amini for 12 weeks.

A spokesperson for Kirklees Council said: “Right to appeal, we are unable to comment further at this time.”

The court heard police were unable to locate the alleged driver of the Mercedes provided on forms returned by the councilor, 43, who represents Batley East ward.

Officials said further inspections found the address provided on the forms to be a store establishment owned by Amini, 34, with no accommodation.

Prosecutor Nadim Bashir said another warning letter was sent to Loonat asking her to reconsider, but she provided misleading details.

Mr. Bashir said Loonat had posted an eBay ad offering for sale the Mercedes after the speeding violation, but said this was clearly done to support their claim that the car was test-drive it activates the speed camera.

He said police went to her home in Church Walk, Staincliffe, and offered her “one last chance” to provide accurate details, but she declined.

Loonat, who was heavily pregnant at the time of the crime, finally pleaded guilty to falsifying the trial in March of this year.

‘Deeply love’

Recorder Benjamin Nolan KC said he considered the couple equally responsible and came to the conclusion that an immediate prison sentence was needed.

He said the couple had “totally rejected” some of the warnings and said the car sales advertisement was a “sham”.

He added that there had been a “protracted and ongoing effort” to undermine the course of justice.

Attorney Jayne Beckett, representing Loonat, said she was “afraid of prison”.

“She was very tearful today and obviously very distressed for her children.

“This is a really big and very sad fall from grace.”

Attorney Susannah Proctor, representing Amini, said he was also scared by the prospect of going to jail and had expressed genuine regret.

She added that he played a smaller role and was not the main driving force.

Amini’s shorter prison term reflects his early confession last November.


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