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American bully XL ban will hit responsible owners, says campaigner

image source, Sophie Coulthard

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Sophie Coulthard says her dog Billy is ‘everything I wanted in a pet’

A bully XL owner in south-west London said the dog ban would “only affect owners who are responsible for bullying”.

The government’s ban, which comes into force on New Year’s Eve, means it will be illegal to breed, sell, advertise, rehome, abandon and allow an American Bully XL dog to stray.

Sophie Coulthard is challenging the ban in court.

This variety is being added List of banned dogs after people were brutalized or killed by them in several attacks.

The second phase of the ban comes into effect from February 1 when it will be illegal to own an XL bully, unless the owner has successfully applied for an exemption.

Ms Coulthard told BBC News: “I think the ban will really only affect responsible bully owners because people like me will obey the law, will always go out with our dogs muzzled – which is not very good in terms of animal welfare.”

image source, Sophie Coulthard

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Ms Coulthard said the new American bully exemption rules would negatively impact her dog’s lifestyle.

American bully owners who are exempt will also have to keep their dogs on a lead in public at all times.

“This is really going to affect our lifestyle and the life we ​​have built,” she said.

‘Everyone loves him’

“Nobody can predict that a dog will have to be muzzled all the time, so for us, some of the trips we take, some of the places we go, like going to the pub , it will be difficult because it is unfair for him to have to wear a muzzle for a long time.”

She said her dog Billy, an American bully, had “lived up to everything I wanted in a pet” and “everyone loved him”.

Following the government’s announcement of the ban, Ms Coulthard and other owners of the breed started the Don’t Ban Me, License Me campaign to advocate that all dogs should be licensed instead The ban is breed-specific.

She said this approach is more effective in promoting responsible dog ownership for all breeds in other countries.

They have crowdfunded more than £175,000 to support the campaign.

The group is challenging the ban in court and has asked for a review of the court’s decision.

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The government says it is banning American bullies because of a rise in deadly attacks (stock image)

Ms Coulthard said they had recently failed to seek an injunction that would ensure American bullies in dog shelters were not euthanized from Sunday onwards.

She said the government did not give shelters enough time to rehome dogs before the first phase of the ban took effect. Legal actions are continuing.

Dr Susan Paterson from the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, told Radio 4’s Today programme: “We are likely to see dogs tied to railings, at veterinary surgeries, tied to the side outside the supermarket.”

The government said it was banning the breed to protect the public from dog attacks after a rise in deaths.


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