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Suspended Pride is sin tweet councillor King Lawal takes legal action

  • By Helen Burchell and Andrew Woodger
  • BBC News, Northamptonshire

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King Lawal said he had been suspended by the local Conservative Party and was waiting for the national party to hear his case.

A Tory councilor who tweeted during Pride month that “Pride is not a virtue but a Sin” said he is taking legal action following his party’s suspension.

King Lawal, 31, Northamptonshire councilor, said he tweeted after seeing images of naked men at LGBT Pride events, often near children.

Mr Lawal, a Christian, said: “I was appalled by some of the illegal activity I saw online at these events.”

The Conservatives said it would be “inappropriate” to comment on his case.

Regarding the images he had seen at the Unknown Pride marches, he said: “I’m really worried for the kids who witness it, who will grow up. up believe this is okay.”

He said appearing naked in public was illegal and would not be tolerated under other circumstances. Pride in London released a code of conduct for participants content “nudity… not allowed”.

The Christian Concern group, which is backing him, said Mr Lawal had been “abandoned by seven organisations, including being suspended by the Conservatives pending an investigation”.

It said he would “launch legal action after his life was torn apart for sharing a tweet giving a Christian and Biblical perspective on LGBT Pride events”.

Mr. Lawal’s now-deleted tweet said: “Since when did Pride become something to celebrate. Because of Pride, Satan has fallen like an Archangel. Pride is not a virtue. is a Sin. Those with Pride should repent of their sins and come back to Jesus Lord. He can save you. #PrideMonth #Pride23 #PrideParade.”

image source, Christian concerns

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Mr. Lawal’s legal team said he would take legal action to protect his right to free speech

Mr. Lawal, who represents Wellingborough’s Brickhill and Queensway wards, put on Twitter defended his stance and said: “When I called Pride a sin in my previous post, it could have been misinterpreted as hateful. Let me explain why it isn’t.

“When Christians talk about ‘sin’ or ‘sinner,’ we are talking about ourselves. We are not just naming specific people or groups of people as sinners.

“Biblical sins include lying, stealing, gossip, and hatred, not just things like homosexuality, adultery, and extramarital sex. Jesus said that even having unholy thoughts that we never do are also sinful, so every one of us is sin by this standard, myself included.

“Therefore, I’m not against those who are celebrating Pride to attack who they are, my intention is to say that I won’t celebrate this anymore like I would celebrate a month of gossiping. or whatever else the bible calls sin.”

Christian Concern said “the consequences faced by the Lawal Councilor are unprecedented, demonstrating that Christians in public office can no longer express their beliefs without having their faith destroyed. career and life”.

Andrea Williams, executive director of the Christian Legal Centre, which is working with Mr Lawal, said: “What happened to Councilor Lawal was brutal and a clear case. on the distinction of opinion with respect to a standard expression of the Christian faith.

“Where’s the ‘diversity’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘inclusion’ here? We just have a monopolistic culture that demands acceptance, loyalty and promotion of LGBT Pride no matter what. What.”

Jason Smithers, Conservative leader of North Northamptonshire Council, said: “It would be inappropriate for us to comment on this particular case at this time.”

He added that the council is committed to reducing inequality and that they “fully support our LGBTQ+ community, as we support all communities”.

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