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Nottingham: ‘Hero’ student Grace O’Malley-Kumar died protecting friend from killer

  • By Dan Martin and PA Media
  • BBC News, East Midlands

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Grace O’Malley-Kumar’s family said they are proud of her

A student was killed trying to “heroically” protect his friend when he was stabbed as they were walking home from a night out in Nottingham.

Grace O’Malley-Kumar, 19, showed “incredible bravery” when she tried to protect Barnaby Webber from Valdo Calocane as he attacked them, a court was told.

Ms O’Malley-Kumar fought with Calocane before he attacked her.

Her family said they are proud of her.

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Watch: ‘I’m Completely Lost Without Her’ – Grace’s Brother

Addressing Calocane in court, Dr. Sanjoy Kumar hailed his daughter as a hero who avoided the opportunity to escape.

“She had the courage to intervene,” he said. She will never abandon a friend in adversity. That’s not her nature.

“She fought you bravely and bravely. Like a hero, she put herself in danger.

“But unfortunately because of the weapon you brought, she didn’t have a chance.

“You appear to be a cold, cowardly and calculating murderer. He calmly walked away, leaving my child lying on the road.”

The court heard that University of Nottingham students Mr Webber, 19, and Ms O’Malley-Kumar, were walking home to their student accommodation after a night out at the end of term when they were stabbed to death in Ilkeston Road shortly after 04:00 BST on 13 June.

Prosecutor Karim Khalil KC said Mr Webber was stabbed “repeatedly” with a dagger, causing “serious injuries” and causing him to fall to the floor.

Ms O’Malley-Kumar showed “incredible bravery” and tried to protect her friend, fighting and pushing Calocane, 32, into the street, but the killer then noticed her and ” ruthless brutality in the attack”. more.

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Calocane was arrested shortly after the attack

Family members in the public gallery sobbed as Mr Khalil told the court that Ms O’Malley-Kumar’s injuries were severe and she collapsed as Mr Webber tried to defend himself from the ground, kicking at his attacker, before Calocane “calmly” walked away.

Ms O’Malley Kumar’s brother James said: “She was the best person for me. Since everything happened, I’ve been lost without her.

“Not only did I lose my sister, but also my best friend – the person I always confided in about everything. I was very proud and always talked about her.

“It’s nice to say she’s my sister, it’s a privilege. Now my job is to do my best to make her proud.”

The court heard Calocane traveled from the scene of the double murder to a motel in Mapperley Road, where he arrived at around 05:00 BST.

At 05:04 BST, he attempted to enter the premises through a ground floor window, but “retreated” after an occupant punched him in the face.

School caretaker Ian Coates, who was driving his Vauxhall van in nearby Magdala Road, was repeatedly stabbed, suffering injuries to his abdomen and chest, at around 05:14 BST.

Mr Khalil told the court: “The defendant then took Ian Coates’s truck, leaving him for dead.”

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Ian Coates, Barnaby Webber and Grace O’Malley-Kumar died at the scene of the attack

Mr Coates, 65, was discovered by members of the public shortly after 05:30 BST, was found unconscious and was pronounced dead shortly after paramedics and police arrived.

Prosecutors accepted Calocane’s guilty plea to manslaughter on diminished responsibility grounds after he denied a murder charge in November.

The hearing was told Calocane was suffering from a “severe” mental illness.

Mr. Khalil, the victims’ families were consulted before the prosecution decided to accept the plea.

However, Dr. Kumar said his daughter would be disappointed with the way the case ended.

Calocane, who gave his name as Adam Mendes in court, also admitted trying to kill three pedestrians he hit with a truck.

He stole the car from Mr. Coates, whom he stabbed after attacking two students.

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After attacking two students, Calocane attempted to break into the dormitory

The court also heard that, after taking Mr Coates’s van, Calocane drove it to Milton Street, where he hit Wayne Birkett, who was crossing the road. He suffered a skull fracture that caused bleeding on the brain and was said to be extremely lucky to survive.

The defendant then drove around and was seen by a marked police car at around 05:29 BST.

Police activated their lights but Calocane sped away and then hit Sharon Miller and Marcin Gawronski, who were walking to work through the downtown pedestrian zone.

The court heard Ms Miller and Mr Gawronski were both extremely lucky to survive.

Calocane was arrested after being tasered about five minutes after the last victim was injured. He pulled out a knife when the truck was stopped and stopped by a police car.

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After the attack, thousands of people gathered in Nottingham city center to remember the victims

Mr Khalil said that three psychiatrists had evaluated Calocane, concluding that although he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, he still understood the nature of his behavior when he attacked the three victims with a dagger that had been used to attack his victims. described in court as a “double-edged fighting knife”.

The prosecutor said the victim’s family had been consulted and decided it was appropriate to accept a plea of ​​manslaughter on the basis of diminished responsibility.

He added: “For the avoidance of doubt, the Crown’s view is that the appalling facts of this case make it one of the most extreme.”

Calocane’s lawyer, Peter Joyce KC, told an earlier hearing that the defendant “does not dispute the facts of the prosecution’s case” but was suffering from “extreme” mental illness at the time of the incident. out the incident.

He now faces a sentencing hearing expected to last for about two days.


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