The prime minister’s spokesman has now clarified that he holds a US green card, which means he has declared that he is a permanent resident of the United States of America. This raises a host of questions, issues and concerns, including whether he is a resident for tax purposes in the United States and how he can comply with the law. and rules of both countries. Government ministers declared Mr Sunak’s green card a “hangover from his days in America”. His spokesman said he kept it for “travel reasons”. However, we do know that Mr. Sunak filed an annual US tax return to maintain it for a number of years after becoming a congressman.

In any case, this clearly represents a serious conflict of interest with his prime ministerial duties. If it wasn’t published, that would certainly be a substantial breach of the Department’s code of conduct. If it is declared, that increases to suggest that successive prime ministers allow a minister, and then the prime minister, to remain a permanent resident abroad.

The requirement for US conditional permanent residents that the prime minister be “considered a tax resident of the United States for US income tax purposes”. This raises serious questions about whether the prime minister is an overseas citizen for tax purposes even as he determines policy in the UK. It appears that the prime minister must have repeatedly applied for legal permission to extend his temporary but supposedly temporary stay in the UK, or has clearly broken the relevant rules of a democracy. ally.

It is difficult to see how in all cases this might be compatible with basic principles of the code, such as honesty.

Furthermore, the Guardian reports that when Mr Sunak was appointed chief secretary of the Treasury in 2019, he took a five-month pay break – a total of £34,000. There are serious questions about whether Rishi Sunak will forgo ministerial salaries in 2020 to avoid paying US taxes. Indeed, by waiving his wages, Mr. Sunak thus earns just under the maximum threshold that US green card holders can earn abroad and avoids paying US income tax, under the scheme. minus income earned from abroad.


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