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UK Science Minister unveils over £24m in new science and innovation agreements to deepen collaboration with Canada

  • UK and Canadian ministers agree to deepen cooperation on quantum, climate change and biomanufacturing to empower the workforce and drive growth
  • Package considers Canada a partner of the UK’s £119m International Scientific Cooperation Fund programme, through an initial £4.5m grant
  • Ministers have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Biomanufacturing which includes a joint program of £20 million

The UK and Canada today (Thursday 8 June) announced agreements on biomanufacturing, quantum, climate change and alternative protein research, as part of a package of announcements aimed at increasing deepen cooperation in science and innovation between the two countries.

UK Science Minister George Freeman was in Ottawa today, meeting with Canada’s Minister of Science, Innovation and Industry, Francois-Phillipe Champagne, to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation on Biomanufacturing and Launching £20 million joint bioproduction programme.

The £20 million joint biomanufacturing scheme, which will receive £10 million from each government, is designed to grow the biomanufacturing sector between the UK and Canada to ensure both countries are fully prepared for future pandemics.

This will include efforts to build talent for the biomanufacturing sector, provide the skilled workforce needed to grow the field in the future, and fund businesses and organizations. UK and Canada research to work together on joint projects to develop future products and services, and to support businesses in the field to grow and scale at a faster rate. degree through greater links with investors and shared knowledge.

The focus of Biomanufacturing Cooperatives is to drive economic growth by bringing together complementary strengths from Canada and the UK to support the growth of businesses in this sector, delivering growth. economy for both countries and create high-skilled jobs.

The Memorandum of Understanding is just one of several agreements being made today by the two powerhouses of science and innovation, aimed at addressing some of the biggest problems facing our world, from tackling change The incoming climate ensures that both countries have the capacity to produce vaccines to meet the world’s needs. future pandemics.

They will also drive economic growth in both the UK and Canada, ensuring high-growth industries such as quantum and biotechnology benefit from both government investment and close international cooperation. than.

UK Minister for Science, Innovation and New Technologies, George Freeman MP, said:

The UK and Canada are natural partners, with a common cultural, economic and historical relationship spanning centuries and a recent history of strong collaboration on science and innovation across a range of fields. from agricultural technology to genomics and space.

In the global race to invest in science and technology, and as we look to innovate to tackle pressing global challenges, the UK and Canada share deep values ​​and concerns. in harnessing science for the global good.

As we strengthen global science and technology cooperation with key R&D economies, I am delighted to be here in Canada to unite a range of areas to strengthen our long-term cooperation. : from artificial intelligence, biosecurity and bioengineering to quantum, space sustainability and polar research.

Sir François-Philippe Champagne, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry said:

The UK and Canada have an exceptionally deep and positive relationship, nourished by our shared history and values.

Today’s Memorandum of Understanding on Biomanufacturing and the Joint Statement on Quantum Science and Technology are important steps towards making the most of our world-class capabilities that will accelerate innovation. innovation and economic growth in both our countries. We will continue to work together to foster greater collaboration in science and research that will shape the economies of the future.

In addition to the Memorandum of Understanding on Cooperation on Biomanufacturing, the UK and Canada have agreed to a range of collaborations as part of today’s announcement, including:

  • Canada claims to be a partner of the UK’s £119m International Science Partnership Fund (ISPF). Initially, this project will fund £4.5 million to enable UK researchers to join the Joint International Initiative for Research on Climate Change, Adaptation and Mitigation led by Canada. First, come up with a plan to help the most vulnerable people globally deal with the impacts of climate change.
  • The Quantum Declaration of Intent provides a roadmap that includes introducing joint research programs and enhancing mobility for researchers. The collaboration started immediately, with 20 PhD students from Canada coming to the UK to join the UK-Canada quantum summer school.
  • An Innovate UK–Protein Industries Canada to drive innovation in plant-based foods through collaborative R&D projects between businesses and research institutions from Canada and the UK.

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