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Met Office gives update of chances of 40C UK heatwave after scorching European temperatures

The Met Office has provided Britons with an update on the possibility of the UK experiencing 40C as the continent cooks up during another heatwave.

Mercury is tilting into the mid-40s over much of mainland Europe, with experts warning its record of 48.8C could be broken.

The UK is expected to see temperatures soar over the next six weeks, with Britons set to be scorching hot during the summer break.

The Met Office is proposing mercury will exceed seasonal averages to provide much-needed warmth after a period of uncertainty.

People enjoy warm weather on Hastings beach in East Sussex. Date taken: Sunday, June 13, 2021.gbnews

The UK’s National Weather Service said: “In the middle of the month, more stable conditions are likely to see the shower regime subside.

“Temperatures are generally expected to be moderate for this time of year, with perhaps a little warmer later in the period.”

However, the possibility of the UK seeing temperatures similar to those in mainland Europe was dashed after days of unsettled weather in July.

Met Office spokesman Grahame Madge said there was “no forecast signal” that temperatures could reach 40C.

“There is no indication that temperatures will hit last year’s threshold this year,” Madge said.

Sun worshipers make the most of the current heatwave on Green Park in central London
Sun worshipers make the most of the current heatwave on Green Park in central LondonPA

“The chance of reaching 40C is about 1%, so it’s unlikely in any given year, but of course, it’s still possible.”

Temperatures in the UK over the next week are not expected to compete with those in Europe.

London can expect temperatures to hover around 20 degrees Celsius, with the capital hitting 23 degrees Celsius tomorrow.

Temperatures in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland will fluctuate around high temperatures.

Spain and Greece meanwhile have suffered from outbreaks of wildfires.

About 4,000 people were evacuated from La Palma.

Tourists listen to their guides as they gather in the shade during a heat wave, in Ronda, Spain on July 17, 2023.Reuters/Jon Nazca

In contrast, the UK’s mild week will coincide with some showers and more cloudy conditions.

The Bureau of Meteorology’s forecast for Thursday said: “Morning fog will clear leaving a bright start for many, but showers will develop throughout the day.

“Quite cool but pleasant feeling in sunny spells. Cloudier in the north of Scotland.”

Looking ahead to this weekend, the UK’s national weather service added: “Friday will be quite cool with spells of sunshine and showers.

“Then more persistent rain will come in from the west, bringing in a windy and wet weekend. Probably getting wetter.


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