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High temperatures to end the month days after ‘heatwave’

Britons could see temperatures rise in late spring, with the Meteorological Office confirming that temperatures will ‘gradually rise’ this weekend and as we head into June temperatures will soar to around 25° C.

It comes after some parts of the UK experienced warmer temperatures than popular tourist destinations including Barcelona but get this, the weather will be even warmer.

The Met Office has denied any rumors that ‘severe heat’ is coming and says rumors of a heatwave driven by an African cloud will bring intense heat to the UK over the next few days. simply ‘untrue’.

Giving their verdict on the weather to welcome spring, the Met Office said: “The area of ​​high pressure that has brought good conditions across the UK over the past few days is forecast to last until the end of the day. month.

“Given the high-pressure conditions that will prevail over the next week, the warmth we will experience will increase as clear skies will allow more of the May sun to hit the ground, gradually warming temperatures. gradually rising to an expected high of 25°C in a day or two later this week.

“If you are expecting good, sunny and warm weather conditions over much of the UK, you are in luck.

“These high temperatures are expected in parts of East Wales, West Midlands and South West England. A shore breeze will keep temperatures slightly lower in the south-east of England, where we normally see the highest temperatures.”


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