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UK’s CAA moves to make flights more accessible

The UK Civil Aviation Authority has launched a consultation on plans to improve the flying experience for disabled and less mobile passengers.

The regulator is planning to rank airlines’ performance based on the service they provide to passengers with disabilities – from initial booking to providing airport assistance and experience. on the plane, as well as how they handle complaints.

The ratings will also include how airlines allow passengers with less mobility to require assistance, as well as on-board facilities, such as seats and restrooms, plus the boarding process. and get off the plane.

Standards will be created for bringing service dogs on board flights and how airlines should handle moving equipment, including compensation if lost or damaged.

“Our proposals to introduce this new framework are about holding airlines accountable for meeting obligations,” said Anna Bowles, head of consumer division at the CAA. for passengers with disabilities and mobility in all aspects of their journey.

“Evaluating airlines against a standardized framework will ensure that passengers with disabilities and less mobility will be better informed when they choose which airline to fly and will highlight the The area where airlines need to do better.”

The CAA is asking for feedback from disability rights groups and the aviation industry, as well as individual passengers, to help “shape” plans to make flights more accessible.

Once created, the framework will only serve as a guide for airlines, but Josh Wintersgill, founder of accessibility expert Able Move, hopes it will allow the CAA to “effectively monitor operations.” better airline performance and make airlines more accountable to the public.”

The consultation will last until July 21 and may access through this link.


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