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United Airlines plane clips tail of parked Delta jet at Boston’s Logan Airport

Authorities are investigating after a United Airlines plane tailed a parked Delta passenger jet at Logan Airport in Boston on Friday.

low speed collision, recorded on video by a passenger, occurred as United Airlines Flight 369 was preparing to take off for Newark Airport at around 7:20 p.m.

The FAA said the left wing tip of the Boeing 737 made contact with the tail section of Delta Air Lines Flight 1657, an Airbus A321.

No injuries were reported and 128 passengers on the United flight were disembarked and booked on other flights.

Kathleen Dunn, a passenger on another flight, posted footage of the incident on Twitter and said her flight had been delayed for 40 minutes.

She said fire police and EMTs surrounded the airport after the collision.

An FAA spokesperson said: independence It is investigating the cause of the collision.

In a statement to NBC10, United Airlines said: “On Friday night, the winglets of a United plane clipped the tail of another aircraft at Boston Logan International Airport. Customers on United aircraft have disembarked normally at the gate and we will rebook them on other flights.”

Delta Airlines also issued a statement apologizing to affected customers.

“While there have been no reports of injuries to our customers or crew on Delta Flight 1657, the plane collided with another aircraft while waiting for take-off permission at the airport. Logan. Delta teams are working to get customers to their final destination tonight and we apologize for the delay.”

In March, a similar incident occurred as two planes were about to take off from Logan . airport wings are cut off when a person is pulled out of the gate.

In another incident, New England Patriots winger Jack Jones was arrested with two loaded guns in hand luggage at Logan Airport on Friday.


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