UK holidaymakers who have not been vaccinated against Covid can now travel to Spain, it has been confirmed. On Friday, Tourism Minister Maria Reyes Maroto said the move would be done within “several days”.

It has now been confirmed that as of Saturday (May 22), unvaccinated travelers from outside the EU can enter once more. They will need to show a negative test.

People who are fully vaccinated do not need to be tested, but still need to show proof they were stung. The UK lifted travel restrictions on March 18, meaning travel between the two countries is now almost as easy as it was before the pandemic.

On Saturday, Spanish Tourism Minister Reyes Maroto told BBC that the “new phase of the pandemic” means that the country has been able to relax the rules: “This is great news, much awaited by the tourism industry. Spain is becoming one of the destinations most anticipated in the world.”

Visitors to Spain must present one of the following for entry:

  • Certificate of vaccination that meets government requirements
  • Negative test certificate (PCR or similar)
  • Certificate of recovery at least 11 days after testing positive

Proof of vaccination can be a UK certificate, in digital or printed form. For those performing the tests, these must be done 72 hours before travel if PCR, or 24 if rapid-flow antigen testing is used.

Anyone using a proof-of-recovery certificate is reminded that the certificate is valid for 180 days from the date of the positive test result. Children under 12 years of age are exempt from all requirements to demonstrate previous vaccinations or infections.

Julia Lo Bue-Said from Advantage Travel Partnership, an independent travel agency group, told the BBC: “This is very good news right before May and high season.”

She added: “It is disappointing, however, that Spain has not gone the extra mile and eliminated the need for pre-arrival checks for unvaccinated travelers for the minimal benefit these tests bring. back to public health. Consumers want to travel comfortably and if destinations prohibit this, then they will go elsewhere.”

The British Association of Travel Agents (Abta) added: “This summer is expected to be the busiest holiday season since the start of the pandemic, with 70% of families saying they have booked vacation abroad this year.”

Abta says that France, Italy, Greece and Portugal are also gaining popularity. While Greece has removed all Covid travel restrictions, the remaining three countries still require visitors to meet certain entry rules. Travelers need proof of vaccination or have had a negative test before leaving the UK, while Italy and Portugal will also accept Covid recovery certificates.


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