They are the talk of the city and attract visitors from far and wide. Inspired by the “soul food” served on their Australian holiday, Billy Howes and Tash Small opened a business specializing in takeaway pies, which they greatly appreciated.

With a small menu of well-crafted pies and sausage rolls, along with a wide selection of coffees, the Motley Pie and Coffee Shop has been a huge hit since opening in Gowerton, Swansea.

The couple started Bogan’s Bakery, a commercial kitchen that was converted at their home in Gowerton during the coronavirus pandemic as a delivery service selling bread and pastries. They had hoped to open a bakery and coffee shop of their own, but decided to put it on hold due to the economic situation at the time. But now they’ve opened a Motley Pie and Coffee shop, and people can’t buy enough. You can Get more Swansea news straight to your inbox with our newsletter.

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Reviews on Rave describe the services as “absolutely stunning” and “real home cooking at its best”. Others added: “We’re so lucky to have somewhere that makes such good quality homemade pastries” and it’s “great food and great prices”.

Explaining the cause of it all, Mr Howes explained: “We just got back from Australia where these two crazy bakeries are, and we’re looking to replicate it here.

“They’re our equivalent of a pastry, served mid-day, and they’re so delicious and full of ingredients, it’s something truly soulful. We couldn’t understand why. there’s nothing like it at home.

“Everybody loves pie, it’s pretty traditional – you don’t go to a pub without seeing steak and beer on the menu, so we felt like we could recreate what they had there.

“When we put the ideas together and looked for space, Covid held its head high, and people looked at us as if we had six arms when we were looking for a place. People were looking at us. told us the current food is not good idea’.

“We decided to start Bogan’s Bakery as bread and pastries, but started from home, turning one of the rooms of our house into a commercial kitchen and just delivering food. As the months went on, it got busier and busier, and we took on an employee and started working on a couple of coffee shops. Then someone came up to us and said, ‘Listen, I there’s this little shop in Gowerton, would you like to come and see it?’ We fell in love with it as soon as we saw it, so we decided to continue with it.

“There wasn’t enough room for us to expand the bakery, so we went back to the original concept for the bakery.”

Dauphinoise fries and caramelized onion rings are available at Motley Pie and Coffee Shop

The cakes have received rave reviews since the bakery opened

Coffee and bacon and swirly brie are also provided

The business is described as “very convenient and fast”, providing an alternative to other bakeries in the area. It’s mostly a take-out business, with no seating, but there is an area where you can stand and eat if you want.

Mr Howes added that there are several items on their menu that have received special reviews, particularly their vegetarian Glamorgan sausage roll, made with leeks, cheese and Dijon mustard.

Inspired by the bakeries they saw while traveling to Australia, Billy Howes and Tash Small opened a Motley Pie and Coffee shop in Gowerton.

“The meat eaters came in and didn’t realize it was a vegetable, and it became something we couldn’t get enough of, it sold out quickly every day,” he said.

“We make pork loin and apple sausage and equally, we sell a lot. We make two classics, chicken and mushroom and steak and beer, and then we make dauphinoise and caramelized onions. I love the customer side of it and I love being able to interact with people and get an initial reaction from someone trying something, I love that side of it.”


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