After nine days…it’s almost over

By Megan Baynes, High Court news reporter

After nine days, Rebekah Vardy’s high-profile smear war is over – but it’s not over yet.

Nothing new was heard in the High Court today, but both sides submitted their final arguments for the judge to consider.

Vardy left the courtroom about half an hour after the trial, but appeared relaxed and happy in the hallway outside, returning a moment later.

For Coleen Rooney – who was not in court today – the case revolved around three Instagram stories she planted to see who leaked the information about her to The Sun.

Her lawyer, David Sherborne, argued that Vardy and her agent, Caroline Watt were “obsessed” with her – and even accused Vardy of “lying” in court.

He pointed to “a series of unlikely events”: agent Vardy’s phone fell into the North Sea, lost WhatsApp messages unrecoverable, and Vardy “destroyed” a laptop that the defense had stolen. Call for forensic examination.

They say that the “First Lady of Football” has received substantial beneficial news in return for her leaks.

Thus, the “only conclusion” the court could reach was that Vardy systematically erased the evidence and then “sworn” about it.

But Vardy’s legal team argues that Rooney’s mention in just seven pages of 1,200 text messages between the two – less than 1% of the time – is far from an obsession.

Her QC says the messages are inappropriate and sometimes outrageous, like gossip between friends. In some of them, the pair speculated about leaks – evidence, he said, that Vardy couldn’t be behind them.

Her attorney, Hugh Tomlinson, went even a step further and argued that the “obvious suspect” for the leak was not Vardy – but, in fact, Ms Watt.

Regarding the missing phone, laptop and WhatsApp messages, he said that we have “no way of knowing” if this was done intentionally or by accident, but regardless it is not done at Vardy says so.

He called the accusations to the contrary a “conspiracy theory dreamed up by Mr. Sherborne and his team”.

What happens next… let the judge decide.


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