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Wales, France, southern hemisphere? England boss discusses potential games

Stuart Barrow England Image News Credit: Alamy

England coach Stuart Barrow provided an update on his team’s future international schedule after they won France.

He ran in 12 attempts to beat France 64-0 in the mid-season game against France in Warrington on Saturday.

St Helens winger Leah Burke has scored four times while reigning Iron Lady Tara Jane Stanley has racked up 20 points after scoring one try and scoring eight goals.

England currently have no other fixtures planned and finding a northern hemisphere competitor remains an issue, with Wales or France again being realistic options for an international match. this fall.

Speaking after the game, Barrow said: “The plan is definitely for us to have a fall international around the Tonga (men’s) series.

“The objection is not yet fully confirmed but for now we will leave, look at this game and work hard until that international game at the end of the year. The important thing is that we are ready for an international match later this year.

“You have Wales in a World Cup qualifier. We’ve played against them a few times before, maybe or we can see where France is in that stage of the season and we’ll have to make a decision on that.

“In the future, obviously we are looking to hope next year to play with a men’s hemisphere team.”

The new coach is confident that England can close the gap

He bowed his head to leave the World Cup last year New Zealand in the semi-finals, but newly appointed coach Barrow insists they can close the gap against top two nations Australia and New Zealand.

“I wouldn’t be sitting here if I didn’t think it was possible,” he said.

“I have great players, like Leah (Burke) sitting next to me, who are still young.

“There’s a lot of young people in the team, there’s a lot of experience in the team and there’s a lot of players knocking on the door.”

Stuart Barrow surprises with super goal

The Lionesses boss admitted he was surprised by the 6-0 win over France at Halliwell Jones Stadium.

He said: “I don’t think we came here expecting a 64-0 game, I certainly don’t.

“Last year we played them in June, the girls went through 11 rounds in the Super League, we had a weak opponent and only beat them 32-10.

“I think the exposure to the World Cup and then coming back, as the coaching staff, we looked at what we did to simplify it and the girls made it. Honestly, it might surprise me a bit today if I were to be honest, the score.

“But we want better international competition, that’s what we’re trying to find but the Women’s Super League is getting stronger and that allows me to go out and watch the players play against each other. .”

Newcomers make their mark

Photos News Sinead Peach England Credit: Alamy

Photos News Sinead Peach England Credit: Alamy

Sinead Peach on his return to England | Photo: Steve Flynn/News Images

The duo York Sinead Peach and Tamzin Renouf come to England against France, and Stuart Barrow was impressed with what the new players did.

He said: “I have no doubt they will fit into the group right away.

“The team was a really good group, it was very welcoming and the players came in with the right attitude and skill level as you’ve seen on the pitch.

“I think in the future as an England team until 2025, there will be a lot of faces who want to knock on the door and join this squad.

“The Women’s Super League is just getting stronger and the young players are growing, so there will always be new faces coming up.”

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