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LGBT+ in Washington DC: Why the capital hosting World Pride is so important

tFlags fluttered in the wind as thousands gathered in front of the US Capitol to celebrate this year’s pride. Washington DC has just been announced as the host of the next World Pride in 2025, and while the feel in the air is festive, there’s also a sense that the moment could be used to help spark a much needed change.

A record-high number of anti-LGBT+ laws are being enacted in the United States, with more than 500 anti-LGBT+ laws in 2023 alone. This new law primarily targets transgender and gender-nonconforming people, but all Everything – from tug-of-war performers to gay literature – has been targeted in these legislative attacks. For this reason, displaying rainbows and protest signs feels more necessary than ever this year.

This sentiment is greatly echoed by the many gay performers who took to the festival stage, each of them citing the injustices they have witnessed both in the United States and abroad.

In a candid moment, singer, actress and model Rina Sawwayama directed her rage at the Capitol, declaring that she was “tired of men making decisions for us” and reminded reminds the crowd that while pride can be a celebration, she believes it is “first and foremost a demonstration”.

Proud in Washington DC it’s impossible not to feel the politics


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For me, that’s why hosting the next World Pride in Washington DC is especially important. By taking place in the US capital, it is inherently political. Whether you’re joining the pride march, waving the transgender pride flag or simply cheering for your favorite drag performer – just be there and be seen, you is standing up against an oppressive culture that seeks to silence us. You can always find hope in the community and the hundreds of thousands of people who participated in the pride march are proof of that.

DC is often called “the gayest city in America” – and yes, it does have a higher percentage of the LGBT+ population than anywhere else in the country, but that’s not the only reason it deserves it. deserving of this title. DC is loud and proud to accept homosexuals – of allhomosexuals – and wherever you are in the city, you can clearly feel a sense of community.

I went from block to block, but the rainbow-covered houses never seemed to end. It feels like I’ve stepped into the strange suburbs

I stayed in the Dupont Circle area during my visit – it’s one of DC’s biggest and most beloved gay neighborhoods, so I was expecting to find a gay or lesbian couple pride flags, but what I didn’t expect was to find every other house in the neighborhood decorated for the occasion. I went from block to block, but the rainbow-covered houses never seemed to end. It feels like I’ve stepped foot into an exotic suburb, and even the local dog park isn’t one but full of furry friends dressed in transgender costumes and rainbow turbans. I’ve visited many of the country’s most popular gay neighborhoods over the years — Wilton Manors, The Castro, Greenwich Village and West Hollywood — but there’s something about DC that makes me feel different.

Gay life in the city isn’t restricted to one area either – there are countless LGBT+ bars and nightclubs, as well as gay-owned restaurants and cafes. across the city. There’s everything from the warm and inviting Red Bear Brewery in the NoMa neighborhood, to Gatsby, a chic 1920s-themed restaurant in the Navy Yard.

White House proud flags

(Calum McSwiggan)

Often our community spaces can be limited to nightlife, so it’s exciting to see that many of these community-oriented spaces also offer alternatives. There are gift shops offering merchandise from local gay businesses, transgender and non-binary pool parties, ghost walks led by tour guides. Leading gay savvy calendar and bridal boutique with sophisticated gay displays. A personal favorite of mine is Little District Books on Capitol Hill – not only is it a quaint bookstore, they host regular community events, and offer a number of quirky titles spontaneously. proud and non-advocative, many of which have recently been banned from books. United States.

Whatever gay scene you’re looking for, chances are you’ll find it in DC, and wherever you’re on the LGBT+ spectrum, it’s clear to me that you’re welcome in this city. They may just be kicking off their World Pride celebrations in 2025, but they’ve already achieved something remarkable and I have high hopes for what’s to come.

A quaint bookstore in Washington DC

(Calum McSwiggan)

With an election due next year, we can only guess what the political landscape will be like in 2025. But what I can say for sure is that the gay community will thrive here regardless accept that. Pride in DC may always be political, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be a celebration; celebration of the things we have overcome and the many things we have not yet conquered. Happy Pride DC: no matter what the future holds, the global LGBT+ community will stand by your side by 2025.

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