Looks like another sweltering hot and humid day in southern New England. The combination of the highest temperatures in the upper 80s and the lows of the 90s and the dew point in the 70s looks like temperatures will rise again in the upper 90s.

Overall this weekend we are continuing to endure hot and humid conditions. We started the day in a foggy day when the lows dropped in the mid 70s right where our current dew points are perched. Morning fog will give way to partly sunny skies.

Both Saturday and Sunday have a chance for a random shower or thunderstorm to develop, but most areas will remain dry with a mix of sun and clouds.

The highest is expected to be in the 80s on Saturday and then back to the 90s lows on Sunday.

Our Heat Notice has been extended to Sunday evening as we will continue to see our heat index above 95° both Saturday and Sunday.

The heat index will remain between the 90 and 100 lows early next week. Beyond Tuesday, the chance of rain increases and temperatures are expected to cool down.