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Tropical Storms occurring before the official start of Hurricane season

Dear Tom, The Atlantic hurricane season officially begins June 1, but it appears that hurricanes have formed earlier in recent years. Is that the...

Heavy rains and the “brown ocean effect”

Dear Tom,I'm wondering about the "brown ocean effect" on rain in the upper Midwest. It seems that it rains continuously when the ground...

What is the Chicago’s longest string of days with highs of at least 70...

Dear Tom, Chicago is known for its wild temperature swings. What is the city's longest day streak with a peak of 70 degrees? Sammy...

Summer-level warmth returns; storms likely Friday

Summer temperatures are back in the Chicago area. Temps could move for an impressive 90 degrees on Friday with the storm outlook increasing late Friday...

What is a haboob? | WGN-TV

Posted: May 19, 2022 / 02:18 PM CDT Updated: May 19, 2022 / 02:19 PM CDT Dear Tom, I just read a news article about a taboo...

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