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How hot does it get in Death Valley, Calif.?

Dear Tom,How hot is it in Death Valley, California? We're planning a trip out there (and elsewhere in the Southwest) later this summer. Ken...

Showers possible Sunday | WGN-TV

Steam may have a Sunday or two. There will be a large spreading temperature with an interweaving of clouds and sun. High 80s...

Why does the wind die away at sunset?

Dear Tom,Why does the wind die at dusk? I've always wondered about that.James Tiller, Moline, Ill.Dear James, It doesn't happen when the weather is...

What is a “normal” temperature?

Dear Tom,What exactly do you mean when you say the temperature is lower or higher than normal? Please specify "normal".Dan MacGregorDear Dan,In meteorology,...

Patchy Dense Fog early this Thursday morning

Dangerous driving conditions developed with visibility dropping to near zero in many spots west and north of Chicago early Thursday morning this week. ...

The June 9th 1972 frigid and blustery White Sox game at old Comiskey Park

Dear Tom, On June 9, 1972, friends and I shuddered at the cold and bland White Sox's win at old Comiskey Park. How...

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