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UK weather: Britain to be hotter than Istanbul this weekend as Met Office forecasts 23C

Britons will be sunbathing again this weekend as parts of the UK will be hotter than Istanbul.

The final days of the midterm break will see temperatures soar in both the north and south as Glasgow and Bude are expected to hit 23 degrees Celsius while Turkey’s Istanbul hotspot will hit 22 poison.

Over most of the UK, temperatures range from late teens to 22 degrees Celsius, with lower temperatures possible around coastal areas such as Dover.

Meteorologist Stephen Dixon said it would be a “good weekend for the vast majority of UK people”.

He said: “There will be plenty of dry, nice and sunny weather over the weekend in the UK with high pressure still in charge, causing temperatures to be warmer than in some places, could see temperatures as low as 3. 20 degrees, especially in the west.”

People enjoy warm weather along the Avon River in Warwick

(PA wire)

“Regions further east already have more persistent clouds, often of medium or low age, and that will continue to be the case for eastern regions.”

However, for the rest of the month, the Bureau of Meteorology has warned that sunny spells could be interrupted by thunder and rain.

The Met Office’s forecast from Tuesday for the rest of June said: “Overall, the UK is likely to see the recent dry weather continue for much of this time. The eastern and northern regions are likely to be more cloudy than the west, especially in coastal areas exposed to onshore winds.

“Possibility of solitary showers, mainly over high ground, early in the period, with a small but increasing risk of rain or showers, possibly with thunder, over parts of the south and southeast England and Wales as a progression.”

People enjoy the warm weather on Westminster Bridge, next to the Houses of Parliament, London

(Dominic Lipinski/PA)

As temperatures move into next weekend, Mr. Dixon said it is “not out of the question that it could become the hottest day”. The highest temperature in the UK so far this year was 25.1C in Porthmadog on Tuesday.

He added: “As we move towards the end of next week, there is a signal that temperatures could hit the mid-20s. We can’t call it a heatwave, but there are some signs. suggests higher temperatures next weekend and into next weekend, especially in the south.

“High pressure will apply in the near future. There is likely to be some milder showers in parts of Northern Ireland and perhaps Scotland on Tuesday and Wednesday, which will be very isolated.

“As we move into next weekend, although temperatures look set to pick up in the south, that increases the likelihood of some lone showers. The western areas are likely to experience longer periods of sunshine, some parts of Wales as well as the south-west of England, but for the most part it will feel very pleasant.

“It’s going to be a little warmer than average but not beyond what we’re used to seeing.”


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