Wednesday is likely to have a few showers/scattered showers in the morning, then clear skies. It won’t be as hot as it used to be. The lakeside is a bit cooler. Highs near 90 inland. Lakeside in the mid 80’s

Wednesday nights will mostly be clearer and more relaxed. Low 63.

Full forecast details and more at WGN Weather Center blog

Thursday will have plenty of sunshine and seasonal temperatures. E 5-10 mph. Highs mid 80s, almost 80 lakeside.

The extended outlook calls for warmth to return over the weekend with 90s highs low.

We will have the possibility of individual thunderstorms in our forecast from Friday, extending into Saturday. But there’s only about a 20-30% chance of showers/storms, some of which can range from strong to severe.

Sunday is just a chance of sustained showers in the morning, otherwise it looks like a pleasant afternoon with highs of 80-85.


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