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Community Week of Action – Day 5 – News

Today is the fifth and final day of the EFL’s Week of Action, which shines a light on the life-changing work of professional clubs and charities across England and Wales.

As the official charity of Oxford United, Oxford United in the Community exists to inspire happier, healthier and better connected communities across the county by harnessing the power of football and club badge.

So far this week, we’ve heard from the team behind the popular Manor Club for over-50s and learned refugees seeking asylum are developing new skills and connections with the How does charity support work?

We also met the coaches behind Oxford United in action at Community and witnessed the impact of brand new football training sessions for people with disabilities.

To round out the week, we caught up with Head Community Coach Rob Porter.

Rob joined Oxford United in the Community as a casual coach in 2017 and moved full-time earlier this year.

A key aspect of Rob’s work is delivering a football-based rehabilitation program in partnership with HMP Bullingdon. Project Twining helps upskill and educate prisoners before their release through a multi-week program that concludes with participants receiving a Level One FA coaching certificate.

This year’s graduates of the program have found employment in football, with Rob explaining that the ultimate aim of the Twinning Project is to reduce recidivism rates while enhancing life skills and employability. job.

“Everyone deserves the opportunity to reach their true potential,” Rob said.

“Before joining Oxford United in the Community, I had never entered a prison environment in my life – let alone coached current prisoners who show a real enthusiasm for creating positive change for their future.

“There was a bit of hesitation at first. But I can confidently say that our collaborative work with HMP Bullingdon is currently one of the most enjoyable aspects of my working week as a community coach.

“Our work with HMP Bullingdon and the Twin Project is to provide skills to participants so that when they return to the real world, they can have a positive impact on others and themselves.

“Prisoners must stay in their cells for long periods of time and options for exercise and fresh air are limited. Giving them this opportunity to shape their lives for the better is truly positive and is an aspect of our work we are particularly proud of.”

Born and raised in Oxford, Rob is also responsible for Oxford United’s recruitment and development of Community coaches alongside Premier League Key Stars.

He also works on the charity’s paid activities, including Holiday camps, Skills Hubs, After School Clubs and Development Hubs, where all the money Donations will be reinvested back into other community projects and programs.

Rob added: “This is an exciting time to be directly involved as a Community Head Coach.

“We are upgrading our operations to deliver more programs in more areas across Oxfordshire so we can positively impact the lives of as many people as possible.

“We are especially pleased to launch a girls-only Holiday Camp this year. I strongly believe in equal opportunities and giving girls the same opportunities as boys in our holiday camps is a fantastic step in the right direction.

“My colleagues and I see every day the positive impact of the Oxford United badge and our work on people of all backgrounds across the county. EFL’s Week of Action has provided a great opportunity to showcase this work and we hope to continue to attract many familiar – and new – faces through our programs and courses. ”

Book tickets to our shows:

You can view the full list of Oxford United’s Community programs and apply online HERE < Các khóa học bóng đá ở Oxfordshire | Oxford United trong cộng đồng (>. Remember, choosing one of our programs means you are directly supporting our community initiatives across the County, as well as becoming part of the pathway to Study. hospital!

Support our work:

If you’d like to support the work we’re doing in the Community, you can make a one-time donation or set up a monthly donation in the amount of your choice easily through our Enthuse giving platform . Click here to make a donation.

Remember, every donation helps us continue to deliver our programs and support our efforts to scale up our impact across the County as part of our strategy Oxfordshire – A United Community of we.

100 fans donating just £2 a month will allow us to fund our disability scheme for a whole year*.
500 fans doing the same will allow us to expand the program in 5 partner towns across the County*.
1000 fans will enable us to fund over 600 places in our holiday camps and skills center programmes, giving 5-13 year olds and their families the opportunity to take part in activities physical activities and groups that may not be accessible to children*.
Thank you for your support.

Work for us:

Do you feel inspired and excited about working for Oxford United in the Community? We currently have a vacancy for the position of Operations Administrator. You can read more and register HERE.

*Just an illustrative example


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