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The media’s unrelenting gloom ignores this year’s great success story

All this is certainly too late to save the Government from electoral defeat. However, on the basis that the further away Downing Street is, the better off the economy is, you wouldn’t pick an election in early May, as has been rumored for the past week.

Instead, the Prime Minister will wait until the autumn, enough time not only for voters to see an improvement in their finances but also for the hollow nature of the opposition’s policy offering to become clear. more clearly. Currently, the opinion is simply that Labor is not the Conservatives. Yet on key issues, from the NHS to housing and social care, there appears to be no solution like the incumbents.

Britain is not the only country facing a general election next year. In total, 40 separate national elections were scheduled, including the most anticipated, the United States presidential election.

The once fashionable view that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump – both running for a second term – would eventually be the ones on the ballot has given way to resignation that the dispiriting choice between This old political dinosaur could very well indeed be a showdown for American voters on November 5. Neither outcome is good for the United States, although I suspect that whatever the outcome Either way, it won’t make much of a difference to the economy.

Whoever wins will face some tough fiscal choices in controlling rising public debt. The White House cannot continue an 8% budget deficit indefinitely. Don’t make the mistake many made the last time Trump won, of assuming he would be a disaster for the economy and therefore the stock market.


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