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CEO praised for refusing to leave airline seat to let mother sit next to her children

A woman who refused to swap seats with a mother so she could sit next to her children on a plane has been praised online for standing her ground.

Tammy Nelson, CEO of global jewelry brand CONQUERing, shared the incident on TikTok and said she was on a Delta Airlines flight from Cincinnati, Ohio to San Jose, California when another woman asked her to change seats to sit next to. two children.

Ms. Nelson guessed that the other woman was sitting in her window seat.

Ms Nelson told Newsweek: “I double checked my boarding pass and thought I might have been in the wrong row. “When I confirmed I was looking at the right seat, I thought she must be in the wrong seat. So I said, ‘I’m sorry but it looks like you’re taking my seat,’ thinking she’d realize that and move.

But not the woman. “Oh – do you want to sit here?” she speaks. “I was quite surprised by the question but simply replied, ‘Yes, that’s where I chose,’” Ms. Nelson said.

The woman then told her she was with her two children who were sitting in the chair next to her window seat. “Oh, I just thought we could switch because these are my kids,” she told Nelson.

At this point, Ms. Nelson told her TikTik followers the real reason for the refusal to switch to the mother, who offered Ms. Nelson to sit in the middle.

“I get motion sickness when the plane takes off and lands if I can’t look out the window. I also can’t sleep much. I usually try to take a short nap on the plane, where it’s easiest to sit by the window,” says Nelson.

“On that particular day, I only got 90 minutes of sleep the night before,” she said. “And I’m entering a high-pressure week where I’ll be speaking in front of 500 people and really need to be in top shape so getting a good night’s sleep on that flight is super important.”

Ms. Nelson’s TikTok video has been viewed more than 1.6 million times to date.

She said the mother was said to be “very upset” before returning to her middle seat.

Ms. Nelson has received support from TikTok users for her stance.

“People should book together if they want to sit together,” one user wrote.

Tammy Nelson refused to swap places with another woman, who insisted on sitting next to her two children. Nelson says ‘people are fed up with people who feel entitled’


“The number of families that don’t pay to pick a seat together is amazing! You are 100% right not to give up your seat,” another commenter said.

“No. If it’s not an upgrade it’s a sacrifice,” said another.

“People choose aisles or windows for specific reasons (e.g., sleeping or being near a toilet). No obligation to convert,” added another user.

“People are fed up with people who feel entitled” when it comes to things like this, Ms. Nelson said.

“Obviously the woman just expected that I would change to meet her needs, without considering what she did (or didn’t do) that put her in that situation,” she said. speak.

“She just wants me to be flexible with my plan to fit her needs. There seems to be a growing trend towards this entitlement in society and I think people are fed up with it.”


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