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Latest updates from Trent Bridge

Good morning and welcome to the live coverage of the UK and Australia Female Ash Trials at Trent Bridge. This is the only Quiz of this multi-format series and the first to be held for 5 days in 31 years but winning and gaining four points on the offer gives the winners a off to a good start in their quest to keep the Ashes (Australia) or win them back (UK) for the first time since 2015. Four of the past six Tests have been drawn but the extra day will be reduced. that and helped one side win three T20s (two points for each winner) and three one-day internationals. according to.

England has summoned fast pitcher Lauren Filer for her debut and will give her first Test hat, after 245 whiteball appearances for her country, to Danni Wyatt. Filer was preferred over Issy Wong, the quick British IPL winner in a rather surprising pick turn, but Heather Knight says her extra pace tipped the balance. “She’s a really influential pitcher, I guess she’s a bit obscure, but she served with a racket and for me, she’s one of those pitchers. fastest ball, if not fastest in the country,” she said. “She’s skilled, can move the ball both ways and in the end we need a team that will get 20 balls.”

England played much better in the Final Test they played against South Africa a year ago. Nat Sciver-Brunt set an unbeaten record of 169, Alice Davidson-Richards scored 107 points in 207 runs and Kate Cross won 4 points 63 and 2 56 points before they ran out of time in their pursuit of a single-turn victory. But since then, things have not gone as planned: India beat them in the semi-finals of the Commonwealth Games and they fell in a discus match with New Zealand. Last February they seemed to be heading for a match against Australia in the T20 World semi-final against South Africa but were overtaken by Ayabonga Khaka scammers and from needing 33 in the first four rounds with six racquet in hand to lose four racquets and the match ended six runs.

Knight says she’s going to be bolder today and that her side will draw inspiration from Ben Stokes’ men. “We had to do a lot of things to beat them,” Knight said. “Because they were so good, we had to be the disruptors, doing things differently and trying to think outside the box. Having faith in us as a team we can do it. Interesting.”

The game starts at 11am. Keep track of teams, throws and cross coverage.


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