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England vs Australia LIVE stream: Cricket scorecard and Women’s Ashes updates from day four at Trent Bridge

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Sophie Ecclestone won five shots to lead England’s comeback on day four of the Women’s Ashes Test as England beat Australia by 257, making them need 268 run to win.

Australia were flying at 149 to one but then dropped to 198 to seven, with Ecclestone leading as the holidaymakers lost four shots of 34 balls at a busy time in the afternoon.

Lauren Filer was bowling with Ellyse Perry and Tahlia McGrath in the morning, but the Australian players had a number of dropouts as England dropped six chances at varying degrees of difficulty.

Alyssa Healy and Alana King’s 50-run partnership gave Australia a 264 lead by tea but three quick snaps after that span saw Australia add just three more runs to their total, with Ecclestone claimed a ten-stroke point for the match in the process.

Follow all the actions from Women’s Ashes, below:


England 28-0 (6) Lamb 11, Beaumont 13, Garth 0-9 (3) (target 268)

Australia is bowling in the right area but can’t buy the ball. Whenever they threw too lightly, they were punished, and Beaumont again cashed in with another fluent hit over the distance for four.

A really positive start from the opener.

Ben FlemingJune 25, 2023 16:59


England 24-0 (5) Lamb 11, Beaumont 9, Brown 0-15 (3) (target 268)

Beaumont once hit the ground but it stopped and only once. Now, Lamb has to be careful when a couple bounces out of the crack but she will make it through the next one. A half-round volley, over it and past the four-man shield. Shoot.

Ben FlemingJune 25, 2023 16:55


England 19-0 (4) Lamb 7, Beaumont 8, Garth 0-5 (2) (goal 268)

There’s a bit of a break between the narrations as Lamb gets relief from something bothering her. But she hit back and was running when a single quickly turned into two after a lousy throw-in from Gardner.

A short ball was pulled to the foot for two more innings and England took the lead by about 20 after just four passes.

Ben FlemingJune 25, 2023 16:52


England 15-0 (3) Lamb 3, Beaumont 8, Brown 0-10 (2) (target 268)

A single by Lamb but again about Beaumont with two boundaries to the end. The first shot through a gap in the foot while the second was perfectly timed to take down Perry.

A solid start to England’s two openers.

Ben FlemingJune 25, 2023 16:47


England 6-0 (2) Lamb 2, Beaumont 0, Garth 0-1 (1) (target 268)

And Kim Garth will take the shadow from the other end as she searches for the probe line and length outside the stump. A single for Lamb before Beaumont was dragged into a shootout in that area.

There is a lbw call on Beaumont that ends but not an appeal. Australian review, though! It hit the pad matching the stump but only continue to miss foot stumps. England’s star player was assassinated in the first inning.

Ben FlemingJune 25, 2023 16:42


England 5-0 (1) Lamb 1, Beaumont 0, Brown 0-1 (1) (target 268)

A quick change of innings and England returned in the form of Emma Lamb and Tammy Beaumont. British pitchers have had movements throughout the day but there’s no denying that this is still a good racket for hitting the ball.

Darcie Brown gets a new ball and it’s a loose ball at the foot to start running away in four byes. Lamb took the lead at the next ball and the score was five from the first ball.

Ben FlemingJune 25, 2023 16:37


WIND! Brown 0 lbw b Ecclestone (Australia 257)

7 balls, no run, three catches and Australia is out! Ecclestone pins Darcie Brown in front of the tree and it’s out! The Australians considered but the decision was upheld and Australia stood out!

England couldn’t have hoped for a better performance after lunch as they picked up the last three points in four rounds. They needed 268 runs to win – a lot less than what many thought they would chase at the start of the day but they deserved it after their much improved ball performance on the day. Wednesday.

It was also another five-shot for Sophie Ecclestone and her tenth of the match – an incredible effort by the world’s number one pitcher, who threw the ball nearly 78 rounds.

Ben FlemingJune 25, 2023 16:24


WIND! Healy 50 c Lamb b Ecclestone (UK 257-9)

Two out of three balls for England – what a start after tea! It was, in fact, a bad delivery and Ecclestone’s expression said it all, but it didn’t matter at all as Healy shoved it straight into Lamb’s grateful hand at midwicket.

Ben FlemingJune 25, 2023 16:18


Australia 257-8 (78) Healy 47, Garth 0, Bell 1-27 (6)

Kim Garth was the new hitter and saw Bell’s last ball come to an end but it was a huge breakthrough for England, who eventually broke that partnership and are now just two. Another match is the end of this round.

Ben FlemingJune 25, 2023 16:16


WIND! King 9 c Knight b Bell (Australia 257-8)

For the first time today, Lauren Bell was brought into the bowl. It wasn’t her best with the ball last night and she started off with a real looser hit in the leg by Healy. Tammy Beaumont fields deep but they go back to two people.

A push to the side of the leg recalling Healy’s half-century. Her second in the Cricket Test and the performance improved much after the Australian captain departed for a duck in the first inning.

But a great return for Bell as she gets a wick right after the tea! It’s a great lane for King and a bit of bounce will do the trick, with Knight catching well on the first slide.

Ben FlemingJune 25, 2023 16:14


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