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Woman shocks viewers after revealing she is commuting by plane to internship each week: ‘Has to be a better way’

A woman shocked TikTok viewers after revealing she would be traveling by plane to her internship in the New York City area every week, because of lower weekly shipping costs. compared to living in the city.

Sophia, who goes by the username @sophiacelentano84 on TikTok, shared the details of her weekly commute in a video posted to the platform this week. In the clip, Sophia filmed herself getting ready for an early flight from Virginia to Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey at 3am.

“You might be wondering: ‘Sophia, if you’re working from 9am to 5pm, why are you up at 3am?’ That is a great question. I’m actually going to work one day a week this summer. I’m going to be a marketing intern at an advertising agency,” said TikToker as she filmed herself putting on makeup. “My office is in the New York-New Jersey area.

“Because I only have to go to the office one day a week, honestly, it’s cheaper to stay home in Charleston, South Carolina for the summer with my parents and just pay for the plane ticket one day a week than it is to stay at home. home. New York full-time.”

In the video, Sophia later explains that, on her first day at work, she was heading to Newark Airport from her boyfriend’s house in Richmond, Virginia.

As for her schedule for the day, Sophia revealed that she’ll take an Uber to the airport at 4 a.m., then take a flight from Richmond to Newark at 6 a.m. and arrive at 7:30 a.m. , followed by an Uber and a full day of instruction from 9am. until 5 pm. She then planned to take an Uber back to Newark Airport, at which point she would take her flight home to Charleston.

Although she explained that she would be taking an early flight for her first day, she said that she would normally take a flight to Newark Airport at 8 a.m. every Wednesday.

“I’m glad I had a little more time today to Uber there, find out where the building is… you know,” Sophia said, admitting that she was “really worried” about her first date, because she wants to make a good first impression.

In the video, Sophia then shoots herself dressed for the first day of her internship, before taking viewers with her as she takes an Uber to the airport and board a flight to the New Jersey airport.

In the caption of the video, which has been viewed more than 557,000 times, Sophia writes: “Super killer on the way to work.”

TikTok made a surprise in the comments, many of which were shocked by TikToker’s commute to work.

“Wait WHAT do you go to work every week on the plane?!” one asked, while another said: “I would cry if I finished my shift and realized I still had to board a flight to get home.”

Others argued that Sophia’s internship wasn’t worth the weekly plane ride, with one writing: “No job in the world is worth it.”

“As someone who works for an advertising agency…this is not worth it,” wrote another.

Another suggested that Sophia should rent an apartment with a roommate rather than take a plane to the New York City area every week.

According to the flight booking website Expediaround-trip flights from Charleston to Newark start at $54.

The video also led some to joke about TikToker’s weekly tour. “Go? Babe it was a business trip,” joked one viewer.

“There must be a better way to do this,” wrote another.

In a follow-up video, Sophia addressed critical responses to her video, with the TikToker noting that, while the commute was “non-traditional,” it worked for her.

Sophia also noted that going to work is her own decision and that she has been “transparent” with her manager about her plans. “People in the comments claim that I am lying to the people I work for but they know my situation, they know I live in South Carolina… this is actually what I told them before I was hired. rent,” she explained, adding that where she lives was “never an issue” during the interview process.

In addition to the financial reasons behind her decision to come to her office one day a week, Sophia also noted that she doesn’t want to live in a New Jersey suburb outside of New York City, where she interns in all summer.

“I knew that even if I lived in New York City, I would have to commute at least an hour and a half every day to get to the office,” she said, adding that she enjoys the flexibility of being at home. her family, whom she didn’t have time to spend with while she was away from school. “I’d rather be flexible at home with my family… being able to visit friends or boyfriend on days away from home and work anywhere, than paying rent in a city I don’t really want to. to live,” she continued.

In the video, Sophia also analyzes her commute-related expenses compared to her renting an apartment for the summer. According to TikToker, she would spend $2,250 on three months of travel, while she would spend at least $4,250 on three months of rent, food, and gas if she lived closer to her internship.

In the comments section, the explanation convinced some viewers of the benefits of Sophia’s decision. However, many suggest that she befriend her coworker so she has an alternative if she misses her flight every Wednesday, while others encourage her to make sure that she will earn points for traveling with her credit card.

“I will make friends with colleagues in case you need to leave early/stay late,” wrote one, while another said: “Apply a good travel credit card if you can and use the flights/Uber to save costs at least increase points!!!”

independence Contacted Sophia for comment.


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