Today, the Rugby World Cup taking place in Toulouse has been turned into a farce amid unprecedented scenes that have seen England and Argentina stop playing for more than two minutes so they can progress in the competition.

In a bizarre twist, England’s Will Homer broke through to score but decided not to actually touch the ball. Notably, Argentina let the situation unfold, causing Homer to stand in the penalty area for more than two minutes when the clock turned to the end of the match. Indeed, a few Pumas players who tried to move towards Homer were called back by their own coach.

The referee’s gentle efforts to encourage Homer to touch the ball so that play can continue to be skipped.

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Homer’s attempt, as the clock turned red, ended up scoring for Argentina, 19-7 for Argentina – a result that saw both teams progress to the quarterfinals against Canada.

Canada had beaten Japan in a previous match, leaving them top of Group A with two wins and one loss. England won both games before meeting Argentina, while Argentina won one and lost one, which means they need a win to advance to the quarter-finals. You just need to lose by less than 16 points.

Homer’s attempt, as England were down 19-0 at the time, meant England would lose 12 or 14 points, so he decided to run the clock down to lessen the chances of Argentina scoring late in the game. This suits Argentina, which has up to six men at the moment, as it ends any prospect of England scoring a late two points potentially knocking them out.

While the rulebook essentially allows the situation to unfold, many believe it goes against World Rugby’s stipulations of “integrity” and respect for the game.

Fans took to social media to label the incident “disgusting”, “shameful” and “reprehensible”, while others blamed the rule for allowing the situation to develop legally. .

Commentators on World Rugby covering the event were stunned, saying: “It was brutal. [on Canada]. Well, I’ve never seen anything like it on a football field before. Unbelievable situation but can’t blame the players or the coach. “

Wales have lost all three games at the tournament, 56-5 to France, 19-0 to Fiji and 19-14 to Kenya.


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